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What is A Sublet?

The Sublet homepage is provided for tenants who are seeking to exclusively view Sublet rentals in their search results. The advanced search tool below enables you to filter out all the other relation types and focus on currently posted subleases. Over 3000 sublets are available all over the world.

A sublease is when the current tenant of a rental transfers their lease agreement to a new tenant (the subtenant). Examples of subletting include students traveling abroad for a semester, a tenant that is moving before their current lease agreement expires, or a professional on a temporary job assignment out of the area. The subtenant takes over the lease agreement for an agreed upon schedule.

A few legal problems can arise from subleasing your rental to a new tenant. Be sure to check your rental agreement and locality laws before subleasing. The original tenant in some cases can be held liable for damages done to the property or failure of the subtenant to pay the agreed upon rental price. The responsibility of the rental agreement, even when subleased, ultimately falls on the original tenant.


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