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What is an Apartment at Sublet.com?

The apartment rentals homepage is provided for tenants who are seeking to exclusively view apartment rentals in their search results. The advanced search tool below enables you to filter out all the other rental types and focus on currently posted apartment rentals. Over 33,000 apartments are available, all over the world!

Prepare for a landlord to request from potential tenants a completed application form for the rental, which you should expect to include within your social security or driver's license, and possibly employment history, proof of income, a credit check, or even a background check. The application may include an assortment of fees, some refundable and some not. Viewing an apartment beforehand will allow you to narrow down your potential matches and minimize the number of applications you send out.

When choosing an apartment consider the location, lease terms, pet policy, fees (renters insurance, pet deposit), utilities, amenities, parking, whether it is furnished or unfurnished, and any other concerns you may address to the owner, property manager, agent, or viewing host. Some apartments are large complexes that include communal areas like fitness centers and pools; others may be rooms for rent with few additional amenities. Choose the listings that best fit your specifications. Sublet.com offers a broad array of apartment rentals, from sublets and rooms in homes, to small and large complexes.


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