Trusted Landlord

743225 is a Trusted Landlord.

The landlord has successfully verified their identity, telephone number, email address and knowledge of the rental location during a phone interview process. The trusted process does not review the quality of the rental.

Phone Verification

Landlord 743225 has passed phone verification.

Phone verification means that a representative has spoken with a Landlord and the Landlord's phone number has been verified. A verified phone numbers is traceable by government agencies. It is rare that a fraudulent Landlord would use verifiable phone number.

Identification Verification

Landlord 743225 has passed identification verification.

Identification verification means that a Landlord has answered identification questions correctly.

Posting Since

Landlord 743225 has been posting with since Mar 2020.

The length of time that a Landlord has posted with is important because only Landlord in good standing with can continue to post. An old "posting since" date is another verification of the legitimacy of the Landlord. Tenant experiences verify the legitimacy of the Landlord. Check the reviews for this Landlord to read about any tenant experiences with this Landlord.

What is a TRUSTED landlord

A landlord must pass several levels of identity verification to become a TRUSTED landlord. Trusted verification includes, but is not limited to: Phone Verification, Identification Verification, Government ID verification, Posting duration, and actual rental experiences of tenants.

What it means to be a TRUSTED landlord

If a landlord's status is "Trusted", then believes that sending money to this landlord is safe. In more than 10 years, no tenant has ever been "scammed" out of money by a Trusted landlord.

What TRUSTED landlord does not mean

If a landlord's status is "Trusted", this does not mean that a rental will be in the condition that is expected by the tenant. landlord and tenants expectations and values can be different. To evaluate the quality of the rental or the quality of the landlord, please read the reviews of the landlord.

What if landlord is "not rated"

If a landlord's status is "Not Rated", the does not mean that this landlord can not be trusted to send money. A "Not Rated" landlord only means that the landlord has not been verified by our quality control team and that the tenant should take the appropriate caution and read our FAQ for rental tips. If you have questions about a landlord, contact a representative and we will investigate the landlord.