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1/29/2019 Andrei
Thank You!
Dear members of team, About 2 weeks ago I created an account at and upgraded it to a full membership for 90 days. I have found a lodging using your site, I am now renting it. Thank you very much for your help!
1/2/2019 Madison
will be using your service again
Thank you! Tenants are here until March-will be using your service again...
9/5/2018 Mike at Lewisburg, Ky
Unit is rented at this time, probably for several months - tenant is comfortable and retired, pays in advance
8/15/2018 Rachelle
Good job all
I really enjoyed our service and Tresa was very pleasant, I really enjoyed using your site and the service I got.
7/28/2018 Heidi
Thanks again!
Hello again Thanks for understanding. Appreciate it. And thanks for helping me to find good tenants and supporting their valuable customers Have a great day
1/11/2018 Clifford
A Great Service!
Youre offering a great service and I appreciate your business.
10/31/2017 Anne
Thank you for all the help
Cityleases staff have been very helpful to me as I am getting acquainted with the landlords webpages. I appreciated their very prompt and friendly assistance and their professionalism every time I called. Thank you so much !
10/10/2017 Moses
Thank You Kindly!, Thank you kindly as it is great service and useful. Great job and well done. Moses
9/20/2017 Henry
Extremely Secure
Dear, I am quite appreciative knowing how thorough and diligent your staff strives to eradicate fraud and unscrupulous individuals who use your services. This is the main reason why I have been loyal for so many years, because I can count on you doing a fan job in getting my trust and business. Please keep up the good work. Thank you. Regards, Henry
8/25/2017 Abraham biwott
RE:sublet a hall capacity 20 people
I am new in Italy and I am looking for a hall that we can sublet to use on Sundays for our fellowship .I am a student at university of Siena and we would like to have fellowship wth fellow students. Kindly I am looking for the venue at Siena town and kindly sent me the price charged for every Sunday.Thank you
6/20/2017 Justin
Thank you
I highly recommend this service!
6/19/2017 Martha
Easy way to contact landlords
I used Sublet as a tenant and the rental profile matched with some apartments. I received prompt replies and thought it was overall a smooth process.
5/19/2017 Nilda
Prompt Response
Thanks very much for your prompt response and for your excellence in customer service. Nilda
5/12/2017 Megan
Thanks to, I have successfully found a sublet for my sons studio. Since I wont be needing the service until later
5/10/2017 Verna
Much appreciation
Thank you Sublets!! I have found two fabulous roommates!! Im all set for hopefully a long time! With much appreciation for all of your energies, Verna
5/2/2017 Dennis
Good Source
We have no vacancies at the moment so I thought it best to archive things so as to not mislead anyone. thank you for your help. Sublet has been a good source of quality tenants for us.
5/1/2017 Tom
Thank You!
this is a good app right here thank you for helping me
3/15/2017 Brindalyn Foster
Excellent customer service by Natalie
I visited your website for the first time today, and I had some questions, so I called the phone number listed on your website. I must tell you that I received outstanding service by Natalie. She has a very friendly and calm voice over the phone. I could right away tell she was eager to assist me. She was sharp enough to tell I was a little uncomfortable setting up my ad, so she offered to set the ad up for me as I provided the information. That was very helpful. I have managed people as a business owner and for companies, and the biggest challenge is finding people who enjoy taking care of customers, and are consistent. I have also served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, as a Small Business Development Consultant, and I want you to know that Natalie is very talented and is the kind of person any company would be enriched to have on their team. I wish her much success, and hope that you realize the value she brings to your company. Best regards, Brindalyn Foster
3/15/2017 Brindalyn Foster
Excellent customer service by Natalie
I visited your website for the first time today, and I had some questions, so I called the phone number listed on your website. I must tell you that I received outstanding service by Natalie. She has a very friendly and calm voice over the phone. I could right away tell she was eager to assist me. She was sharp enough to tell I was a little uncomfortable setting up my ad, so she offered to set the ad up for me as I provided the information. That was very helpful. I have managed people as a business owner and for companies, and the biggest challenge is finding people who enjoy taking care of customers, and are consistent. I have also served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, as a Small Business Development Consultant, and I want you to know that Natalie is very talented and is the kind of person any company would be enriched to have on their team. I wish her much success, and hope that you realize the value she brings to your company. Best regards, Brindalyn
3/13/2017 Nan
Tresa is wonderful!
Dear Managers of, I want to tell you what a wonderful experience I had today with Theresa on ext 208. She was incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable, supportive, and nice. I wish to thank her for her professionalism and exceptional work today. I will definitely recommend your service. Thanks again, Nan
3/9/2017 Naomi Cummins
great service
I had a sublet that needed to be rented out asap. As soon as I put up the ad I received lots of inquires and was able to rent the sublet in three days. You have great service. Thanks,
2/28/2017 Jean
We are thankful!
Thank you appreciate the leads. AND THE GOOD SERVICE OVER THE PAST YEAR Thru your effords we were able to rent to good caring tenants
2/28/2017 Chris
My apartment is rented!
Hi, my apartment is now rented thanks to you guys!
2/22/2017 Michelle
Thanks again!
Hello, I am happy to say that I found a wonderful place to call home this last weekend.
2/8/2017 Ninon C
Thank you very much!
I just rented my apartment listing. I rented in 8 days, your web site is the best and the only one I use for my rentals and I find also good tenants. Please archive it for me! Thank you very much Ninon C
11/22/2016 Rebecca Drake
Sublet #1581225
I highly recommend Sublet ID#1581225 for a short or long term rental! I lived in the unit for 24 months from 2014-2015 and so appreciated how amenable the owner, Dolores, was. It is a beautiful, spacious unit, beautifully appointed with a comfortable bed and fashionable furniture. The building is literally sound proof with minimal noise from the side street below. Security is maximum, with a door man and front desk clerk on duty 247. The building has nice laundry rooms and a peaceful courtyard. I looked at about 12 units in mid-town Manhattan before I chose this one and it was far and above the best quality for the price point. I have lived short term in Manhattan on five separate occasions and this was by far the best of the lot.
8/26/2016 Feng
8/4/2016 Jack
Best experience
I have had such a terrific experience with sublet. The database of possible tenants is a great tool for reaching out and finding renters. Thanks again sublet!
7/5/2016 Pamela Stern
Thank you!
Hi, just wanted to express my great gratitude for the free premium listing. I found two nice renters, one just for June and another moving in soon who will hopefully work out for longer term. And the one for June is so nice we plan on keeping in touch. That one month helped both of us out tremendously! I will be back eventually! Thanks again, Pamela Stern
6/23/2016 Brian J. S
Thank you!
Dear friends atSUB-LET.COM : Thank-you so very much for your very kind help, and understanding of my particular situation, I may have found a " perfect " match for my apartment to share ! Best regards, Brian J. Sedgwick.
6/13/2016 Joan
Thank You So Much
Thank you so much for your reply, I will leave the rental in archives 4 now and thank you so much - your group is fantastic to deal with, very "hands on" with your listers - much appreciated. Joan
1/8/2016 Joan
excellent service
We have rented the property! Thank you so much for your very excellent service!
4/7/2015 pavil
fast and effective
got a good tenant FAST! forever!
4/6/2015 Trish
great customer service
Thanks for your continued great customer service. Rest assured Sublet is the first place I go when I have a vacancies. Best regards, Trish
4/6/2015 howard
this site really helped me rent my place. thank you!!
2/14/2015 Valerie
Referral for Landlord
I rented from the owner Janice in Laguna Niguel and she was and is fabulous. She had all her rental leasing information in order. Her expectations were well defined and accurate with what was presented on the agreement. She is awesome and has a beautiful home and property to rent. If you a person who wants a temporary spot to rent this is the place. The time I spend with her was memorable, pleasing, real, and most enjoyable. I hope that you find the time to meet her and get to know her because she is a great landlord. Thank you Janice
1/14/2015 airepittman
i would like too thank you for the assistance in locating a place.
allways finding goodness in your message delivary. and a comfortable reliability in your prescence everyday while looking for an apartment through my emails. god bless you.!.. thank you
10/19/2014 keri martin
waitara 3bed room rentail
looking for rential houses 3 bed room house or two bed room house flat
9/2/2014 Sally
I archived the rental but will post it again when my rental becomes available. The person subletting now may leave 3rd week of October - I will know by mid-Sept. at which point I can get back in touch with you. Thank you for all you do!
6/18/2014 Helen Carpentier
Rental in Montego Bay
I rented an apartment from Clare that was on Westgate Hills blvd. We were not impressed .The second week when I asked for fresh bedding, the sheets were too big for the bed. The pillows on the bed were not proper pillows. The mattress was terrible. We bought foam for it which helped a bit. My fiance and I both woke up with sore backs. The ant problem was constant. We ate outside, however the ants were still all over the apartment. In the bed, in the washroom and of course the kitchen. The lighting at the back access was lacking. We had to walk carefully as there were no motion lights at the back where we had to enter from. The closet had an odor to it, and our clothes smelled. We ended up renting an apartment elsewhere. Of course we did not get a refund. Also some friends of ours stayed on night as we returned around 1 am and we were charged 30.00 for them to stay a few hours. Would not recommend this apartment at all. Very disappointed.
5/5/2014 Danny Barr
thank you
I searched for about a month before finding a great place on 93rd and 1st-I had a wonderful landlord and enjoyed my time living on the upper east side until school was finished-thank you and thank you Alice for your hospitality........ Danny B
7/3/2013 joan
I sublet my place!
I am an individual with just my one unit rent while i was away. thanks to i w8426as able to sublet my place!
6/23/2013 Linda
236 Sterling, Brooklyn
Our family came together at this very clean, classily up kept, condo. The inside had beautiful wood work and a kitchen stocked with adequate supplies, utensils, etc. A bonus was a nice walled, shaded backyard with large table, chairs, and bar-b-que. We had a great 16 person outdoor dinner in nice outdoor weather. Last, but not least, our landlords were responsive to our every concern. They were thorough, professional, and politely clear on how we were expected to care for their property. I appreciate this, in particular, rather than the surprises Ive too often encountered when renting similar properties. Thank you! Linda
Excellent Resource
I just want to say that I think you do an excellent job in assisting landlords. Obviously, it is up to us to individually screen potential tenants but I do think that you site is an excellent resource. Thank you for all your help. Carole Cox
3/1/2013 Ailsa
I love
Hi! I have my new renter - shes moving in, this week. I love, I have been so successful finding new renters whenever I needed them, right away, through your site. Ill write about you on my blog when I get a minute, let the world know how great you are! I just have the one condo for rent, so Ive archived that ad.
3/4/2013 Jack
Monthly Furnished Rental
I found the perfect monthly furnished rental using There were many rentals i could have chosen from and most would have worked for me. Im very impressed! and will use again. All the best Jack
9/26/2012 Michelle
Landlord Rented New Apt
We have a relatively expensive 2 br apt that we needed to rent ($3500) and had listed with a good rental agent-MLS for 2 months and had several showings but no tenant. We changed our approach and spent money to furnish the place, and we listed on and had a tenant in good 3mo tenant in just a few weeks, plus several other good inquiries from qualified renters. Very efficient, and good value service. Will use again in a few months when we need to rent again.
6/8/2012 Maxwell Shorter
Robert Mitchell apartment at 165 West End Ave
We just spent a very pleasant week in Robert Mitchells apartment on the 22nd floor of 165 West End Avenue. The apartment is roomy (big living room, big bedroom), and very light and airy. Fully equipped kitchen, and all other conveniences you would want during a short stay (especially cable broadband connection). Highly recommended.
5/4/2012 alexia
corsicans in new york
Thanks to one of your landlords, we were able to rent a fabulous apartment in NY, which had a panoramic view. We were very very happy to rent it. It was like a dream for us. Thank you!
12/2/2011 David Gonzalez
Hello, I am a doctor in Spain and I went to New York to complete a rotation in a hospital in September. In the begining it was very difficult to find an apartment with the characteristic that I was finding. After consulting in differents web sites, I found I paid a little account of money for a membership and inmediately I could visit various apartments. It was very easy, I used to my laptop to consult a map of the city and after I looked for in apartmets next to my hospital. Finally I found the perfect apartment and roommate for me. His name is Eduardo and his apartment located in the center of Manhattan (Park Aven with 31st Street) I was 2 months in NYC and although initially the adaptation was difficult (schedule, language, foods, etc) I always could to have the support of my roommate. To have as reference one person that has lived there for more of 20 years is a great help particularly when there is a hitch, problem or simply to clear up doubts about american culture.... In my case, I had the oportunity of share apartment with Eduardo, the landlord of the apartment... and it resulted a pleasant and marvelous experience.... from the beginning he was very kind to me in all things that I needed....He explained me interesting places to eat, how to save in transportations systems, where to do the laundry ... etc, without any problem!!! Regarding to the apartment, its location is excellent, with a wide variety of restaurants around it, near of city center (5th Avenue, Empire State Building,... ) and with the green line of the subway in the corner. The kitchen is totally furnished and can be used when you want. You will enjoy of privacy and advantages (broad-band internet, wifi, personal phone, kitchen...) that a hotel can offer but with the advantage of living with an american person in an excellent neighborhood. Totally recommended !!!! If you want to live an autentic experience during you stay in New York, here you can find it
11/26/2011 Nadine OTTO-MORENO
I subleted my appartmnt with
Hello, Sublet, I want to thank you, I am in EUROPE since the end of august,I found a renter on Every things all right, the guy is very nice, and take care of my home. Last year I found somebody from Japon. Really, you are the BEST. Thank you so much. Nadine. Becase SUBLET.COM and his INTEGRITY, I CAN TRAVEL AND SEE MY FAMILY IN FRANCE.
10/12/2011 Lester Freeman
Great Experience
Thanks to your website I have found a great place to rent for my 5 week stay in LA from November.. I had tried a few other sites with no success and had success with yours within 2 days.. Will definitely use again in the future. Thanks
9/3/2011 Daniella Z
Superior Service
After being frustrated by a competing web sites total lack of results I was able to book a room within 3 hours. Thanks you for a wonderful experience.
8/3/2011 Gabrielle
Good Customer Service
Your services are effective and your support team is professional and responsive. Thank you for all your efforts.
5/19/2011 Michael
Hello: Thank you for your excellent service. Sincerely, Michael
5/19/2011 Nimrod
Loved your service!
Hello, I want to thank you for this good site and certainly I will use it again next time. Best regards Nimrod
4/2/2011 Jason
Excellent service
All it took was 2 weeks to get a tenant! I live in a very tough rental market & all the agencies were telling me it would take months to get a tenant and they also wanted to charge me 1 months for their "service" Sublet made it easy
2/10/2011 Melissa
Great Service!
Dear Sublet, When starting my search to find the perfect rental, paying for a service was my very last option, but I?m glad I decided to go with I was searching for Manhattan rentals for my summer internship, and I was excited to find the number of rentals provided on the site that matched my preference. After a mere two days of browsing, I found the perfect apartment rental for my short term stay. I was able to make contact with the landlord over the phone and meet face-to-face the weekend of initial contact. It was an amazing experience, and I will most definitely be using in the future. MONEY WELL SPENT! Thank you, Melissa
After listing with you last month, I rented the apt in 4 days.. It is a fabulous service and I appreciate your work very much. I will definitely recommend you and use you again.
Dear, I relocated to New York from Atlanta on June 3 and began looking for an affordable apartment immediately. I was stunned at the cost of rent out here as well as the brokers fees that are also expected at time of lease signing. I was beginning to feel like I'd never find a place.I saw the ad on the E train one morning and logged on as soon as I got to my office. The site was very easy to navigate and the postings were updated daily. I paid very little money for a membership to the Queens section and within 2 weeks, I had seen 5 apartments and signed a lease. I move in to my new home this weekend!I couldn't be happier with the site. We avoided brokers fees and having to pay last month's rent. We saved a lot of time and a whole lot of money.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! - Candace
Thanks again Your website attracted the perfect tenant two years in a row for me! I'll be using you again next summer and spreading the word about Judy
Dear Mr. Miller and Spyder Web, I am thoroughly computer illiterate but your system makes it possible for me to sublet my property because it is so easy. Again, I am amazed by the patience and kindness of everyone I have spoken to in your office. One man, closing up one night, stayed another half hour to clear up an item for me and walk me through the steps I needed walking through.Sincerely, - Virginia
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your website was responsible for getting me my current roommate and I want to thank you. I also advertised on several other websites, but for the entire time during my search the majority of the responses came from your site.Thanks Again !! - David
Dear, We found a great apartment for my daughter in Manhattan--no fees! I was told it couldn't be done, but your service provided the way. Thanks so much. Thank you.
L. S.
Dear Sublet, I was deluged with desirable tenants within 24hrs! Magically handled the task of finding a subtenant from LA within days! A great service! Many thanks!Thank you,- L. S.
Dear, I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for helping me find a place to live in New York City. I had to relocate to New York from Los Angeles for a job promotion, but I was worried that I would be scammed out of my money by one of the many housing websites or end up paying an unnecessary fee to a broker. I was referred to your site by a co-worker and it paid off.I found a place in less than a week AND I didn't have to pay a broker's fee! Once again, thank you and I hope your site helps others like it helped me.Thank you.
Dear, Just to express my great THANK-YOU, I was finally able to rent my studio apartment that my broker was unable to. Your web-site was user-friendly and reasonably priced and I am very grateful. Thank you,- Ann
Dear, What a great service you are providing! I rented my apartment just in one week. I hope keep helping people is this way. God bless each of one that work in this marvelous enterprise. Once again thanks,- Sonai
Dear, I was always skeptical about these type of websites. But Sublet.comproved itself. I was able to find a great place in 3-days. Thanks guyskeep up the good work.Thanks,- Tunde
Your service worked very well for me -- within hours of listing I had more than 10 potential subletters, and the very first one who saw the apartment took it! Thanks,- Michele
Hello, Good morning! I just wanted to send this email to thank each and every one of you for sending me these listings for apartments during my apartment searches.I have a found a beautiful apartment in the Midwood section of Brooklyn at an affordable price in a great location. I am quite happy and it would not have been possible for your hard work and for your listings that were very helpful on a daily basis, concise and knowledgeable. I have recommended your services tomy friends and associates during there apartment searches.Once again, thank you for your diligence and information and if ever in the future I should need to look for an apartment again. You can count on my coming to the for assistance. A special thank you to Harold who helped me get my account set up for all the listings in the city, just know that your efforts do pay off and you do make a difference in the lives of the people you encounter. Have a great day! Thank you, - Elvira
Hello, Just wanted to thank you for helping me find a new tenant for my room for rent. Of the places listed the room, yours provided the best leads! I will definitely use your service again in the future! Thanks,- Mishika
Dear Sublet, Thanks to you and your service i received some excellent response and signed two wonderful tenants. i will use again in the future.Thanks.
Minister Max
Dear, Found 2 roommates through your service. A pleasure listing with you.God Bless,- Minister Max
Hello, First, thanks for a great service! Trying to find an apartment in Manhattan is supposed to be impossible, but with just two days of looking, I found myself with not one but two ideal options. Sincerely, - Alison
Dear Sublet, Just wanted to let you know that I was able to sublet my apartment thanks to your webpage. I really didn't think it could be done, oh I was wrong.Thanks,- Gabriela
Hi, I got my dream house through your system just yesterday and wanna say THANK YOU! At first, i found the fifty bucks hefty, but i really come to appreciate the way detailed info is included in you listings, anyway, thank you very much, it's been fifty bucks well spent Warmest regards, - Yannling
Dear, Just wanted you to know that your site has been a great help to me and renting my apartment out. Anyone I ever met through your website has been a decent professional. Thanks for the good work! Thank you,- Tom
Dear, I wanted to thank you for your service. This was the easiest time I've ever had trying to find a place to live, and it wouldn't have been if it weren't for your website and the email updates you send. (Having moved eight times..., I think I know what I'm talking about.) The ads were plentiful and informative, which allowed me to save the apartments I was most interested in and disregard those I couldn't afford or weren't for the right dates. Your customer service was always helpful and to the point when I had questions about my membership. I will highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to live. Thanks!! - Tracey
Pastor Max
Dear, Have used your service twice in the last year. Both times I have had excellent individuals fill the rooms I needed. Thank you for the superb service.God Bless you and yours,- Pastor Max
Dear Sublet: I rented an apartment through your service. It was the best all around process. Thanks.- C.Spivack
Hello, I found a sublet through that met my needs. Thank you very much for the assistance. Again, thanks for the help. Sincerely, - Blu
Hello, have been finding summer renters for many years. This year with you service was the easiest time I ever had finding a good tenant. Thank you! Thanks,- Jason
The, This is a great resource for anyone moving and looking for an apartment, especially in Manhattan! I was pressed for time in starting a new job in NYC and found a summer sublet share through this site and it's been terrific! I've also found a sublet through this site for the Fall.I posted my apartment in Chicago for a sublet as well! Keep up the good work!Best Regards,- Sharon
Dear To whom it may concern. just to let you know, Your service was great. I had five potential subleters in two days. It was well worth the 14 dollars.Thanks,- Cecily
Hi, I found a huge house in Boston at very reasonable price within two days of searching your website. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I just wanted to inform your service that I found a place and am very satisfied. Thank you.Sincerely,- Clark
Dear H. Miller, Thank you for your services and your prompt attention. MaryAnn and I will have other property available in the near future and will leave your site bookmarked for future use.Best reguards.
To Whom It May Concern:Thank you so very much for your help. It worked. I have told many people about the wonderful service you provide. I wish you continued success.God Bless!- Lucretia
Dear Sublet,Thank you for your assistance. When next I am in the market for another roommate, you will be at the top of my list.Sincerely,- Roberta
Ellen Rombough Bradford
My husband and I have just returned this past week from three months in Italy. We rented an apartment from your website in Rome for half the time and Florence the other half. We were extremely pleased with our rentals, especially in Rome. Both apartments were exactly as stated in the ads, and the landlords were very accommodating in both cities. We thank you for helping to make this a vacation of a lifetime. If you need a personal comment for either apartment I would be glad to write one for your website. Cheers, - Ellen Rombough Bradford Ontario, Canada
I will have a vacancy in November and will reactivate soon. I refer people all over the country about your site as I LOVE IT. Thank you for the great service you run. Best,- Patricia
Very good service. Saves lots of time and headace in apt search. able to see more of whats availabe at a glance in the comfort of your home. and the fee is very reasonable. I think i've found just what i need the first day. What more could one ask.
my girlfriend told me about so I decided to use it --it is a great site and very easy site to use-I did find a tenant and will definitely,in the future, use this site again. thank you.- Phyllis
I am settled in apt for the foreseeable future. If I need your excellent services again I will notify and reapply. Thank you again - Ruth
Hello, I'm happy to report that I found a tenant through your web-site and she signed a lease yesterday. This is the 2nd year in a row I have found a good tenant through "" Thank you, and all the best,- Susan
Hello, You might like to know the person living in that room now is the best roommate I ever had. We found each other on your website . Thank you so much. I never thought having a roommate could be so easy. This coming from someone who has lived in this Apt for over 8 years and knows a thing or two about roommates and people in general.Thanks,- Jennifer
Hello, Thank you for all your information. My daughter found an apartment that she was pleased with. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Thank you, - Donna
Hello, Thank You very much for all of your diligence in posting and keeping me abreast of the listing. I appreciate your service and will diffidently be using your service in the near future.Thank you,- Darlene
Dear Sublet, I have found an apartment. I appreciate the assistance. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking. Thanks, - Drew
Hi, I rented my place through you within one week.  It was a strange share for Friday, Saturday & Sunday so it is all the more astonishing. Thanks a lot.Sincerely,- Holly
Hi, Thank you for you assistance. I could not have done it without you.Thank you,- Kathi
Hello Sublet, Thank you for your service. When I am in need of tenants again I will be able to list with you. I have both my rentals filled for the short term.Thank you! - Ellyn
Dear, Thanks to your website, I did find just the PERFECT sublease in the south loop. Thanks much! - Madelyn
Hi, Thanks for getting the rental. I had it listed for only a few days, got a call and a very nice new tenant in a matter of a week. You can be sure I will list again. The web is the way to go.Thank you, - Mary
Dear Sublet, You're website has been a great help in finding a roommate. Thanks very much. It only took 2 weeks.Sincerely,- Kathy
Dear, Thank you for your help. i found using 'the sublet' very simple and your staff helpful. i found a roommate too! Thanks, - Emily
Hello, Very impressed by your service and would certainly use it again Thanks,- Bernadette
Hi, You have a great service here and I was able to sublet my apartment for the next 7 months........... I'm telling everyone about the!!! Thanks again,- Jason
Hi, Your service was great. I plan on using it again at a later date. Thanks. Best, - Melissa
Dear Sublet, Thanks for your great service. i rented in two days. Thanks.
Dear Sublet Guys, I found a room thanks to and I enjoy my room. So a great thank you for your services. I thank you again,Thank You, - Guillaume
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have listed with many sites and yours is the one I have received the most responses from. I just wanted to tell you how great it was.Thanks, - Monique
Hello, I have found an apartment through your service. I am very grateful. It worked great. I will certainly use your service in the future. Thank you. Sincerely,- Maura
Dear Sublet, There response was intense and almost overwhelming! I was able to find a great couple to sublet to! I really think your service is great and will recommend it to any one I talk to who wants to rent or sublet. I will use it again next year and so will my girlfriend! Sincerely,- Patrick
Dear, I successfully found an apartment this weekend through your service. The service was great and found an excellent apartment. Thanks a lot. Best Regards,- Todd
Hello, Thanks to you I have rented an apartment for the summer. Your service is excellent. Thank you,- Marilyn
The, I do wish to comment that the sublet service is excellent, and I have very much appreciated using it.Thank you.
Sublet Guys, I wanted to let you know that I sublet my apt thru your site.The number of calls and email contacts far surpassed the response rate from newspaper ads previously. Also the quality of the contacts were far better. This is definitely the way for the future. Thanks.- Feyzan
Sublet Guys, I have found a very nice apartment, and your site definitely helped me. Thanks.Best,- Akiko
Hi Sublet, Your customer service is definitely one of the better I have experienced.I would not hesitate to recommend your site to others. Best,- Jesper
Sublet Guys, I wanted to let you know that I sublet my apt thru your site. The number of calls and email contacts far surpassed the response rate from newspaper ads previously. Also the quality of the contacts were far better. This is definitely the way for the future. Thanks, - Feyzan
Sublet Guys, I have found a very nice apartment, and your site definitely helped me. Thanks. Best, - Akiko
Dear Sublet: Thank you very much for all your help. I have found someone for the apartment that I listed on your website. A lady called me to tell me that she was looking for an apartment. I told her that it was still available and we made an appointment and she left me the first month of security and just yesterday she left me the first month's rent. I so delighted and I believe in the web site. at first I was like "this isn't going to work" but a few day later i had the first lady calling and renting. a few other people called also. So thank you very much and i will recommend you to all the landlord's out there. Thanks a lot, - Omar
Rick, Good morning! I have found an apartment through the Thank you for your service. Thanks.- Rick
The, I have found an apartment. Thank you very much for all of the assistance that you have given me. Best Regards,- Doug
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