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Why run Credit Reports on tenants?
Running a Credit Report on a Tenant will give a landlord a better idea of the tenants character as well as their ability to pay their rent. The Credit Report system keeps all of the information in one place and simplifies the process as much as possible. Once the landlord has the Credit Report information, they can make a more informed decision than before about the prospective tenant.
11/29/2014 anahidWrite Comment
what is good credit?
My property has been vacant since July of 2013. I have not been able to find any renter with 700 credit report. Recently I was told not to hope to find a tenant with 700 credit report. Is that tru?I am also not sure if my move in cost is fair. I am charging first+last+$2,500Thanks for your time,anahid Matevosian
7/20/2014 LindaWrite Comment
Credit Reports
I am one who also wonders why it is so important to run a credit score when there are easier ways to find out if a potential renter is dependable and reliable with paying their bills. Also, there are other ways to find out their total income to debt ratio; especially when things such as a Trust Fund is counted as a portion of their income. The reasoning of having to find out if a person has more good credit than they have bad credit should not always matter either since the bad credit could have been for a very good reason, such as having to give up their own home that they could no longer afford to keep; as in my case. That is not something anyone can foresee happening to them at the time of purchasing their home but it is happening more and more in this country every single day of the week -- a very sad thing considering that someone else is able to purchase that property for far less than the owner still owes but the owner is not given that very same option so they can keep their home. It amazes me to see what this country has come to be within the past 20 years of my 60 years. We should all be praying for everything to get much better before it gets any worse, thats for sure. Thank you for reading this and standing with me on my thoughts. Good Luck in your search for a home.
11/12/2011 Richard GuerraWrite Comment
Dweller on the theshold
Is it possible to be per-screened for an apt rental? I lost my business due to the economic downturn and as result my credit score has suffered.I have always paid my rent and utility bills on time but I am having problems getting the apt. I want. Is there any hope out there?
6/8/2011 RichWrite Comment
Credit Reports are a MUST
If you dont run a credit background report on a tenant youre rolling the dice. Run the report. piece of mind isnt that expensive.
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