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The Moving Insurance message board is a place for everyone to recount their experiences, ask questions and give advice concerning Moving Insurance.

The following are the questions asked by the owner to the car mover:

Why purchase moving insurance?
Purchasing moving insurance will insure you against damages that can occur during the moving process.

What is moving insurance?
Moving insurance is available for both self moves and professional moves. There are three different types of coverage to choose from: full replacement value coverage, assessed value coverage, and declared value coverage. While full replacement value coverage provides the most protection, it's also the most expensive, so you'll have to choose the best option for you.

When to purchase moving insurance?
This can be a complicated and expensive process, so it's best to look into moving insurance as soon as possible. Be sure to ask moving insurance companies for information regarding their conflict resolution and claims processes as these may be determining factors on which insurer you choose.

Where do you find moving insurance companies?
Moving insurance companies are listed in the phone book and can also be found by using an online search engine. If you know anyone who has moved recently, they might be able to recommend someone, or you may discover that they chose not purchase moving insurance at all.

Who are moving insurance companies?
Moving insurance companies are just like any other insurance company that only insures one given market. It's important to get an understanding of each moving insurance company's conflict resolution and claims processes as insurance companies are regulated by different rules depending on their services.
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