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What is a Lease Agreement
A Lease Agreement clearly defines the rental contract terms between the landlord and tenant.

When do you need a Lease Agreement
Any time you are paying a fee to rent an apartment, house or room, you should have a signed lease agreement between yourself and the landlord to understand your rights, obligations, and to protect yourself.

What is included in our Lease Agreement
A lease agreement, or rental contract, will define terms between the tenant and the landlord: it will specify how long the rental contract is in effect for, a sublet policy, a pet policy, that the tenant is responsible for the payment of rent, what amount and how the security deposit is invested and returned, how the premises may be used, a policy of alterations and improvements, payment of utilities, procedures for maintenance and other policies, obligations and regulations.

Recommendations for Lease Agreement
We recommend that both the tenant and the landlord sign the Lease Agreement and that the tenant and landlord both keep a copy of the lease agreement in a safe place.

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Please be advised that the LEASE AGREEMENT provided here by is a standard document for a LEASE AGREEMENT which may not be specific for your situation. is not responsible or liable for any public or private disputes that may arise between the tenant, roommate, subtenant, sublessor, sublessee, lessee or landlord, property manager or owner from subleasing, renting or subletting of the LEASE AGREEMENT.

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