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The Choose a Moving Company message board is a place for everyone to recount their experiences, ask questions and give advice concerning Choose a Moving Company.
Some Questions you should ask when you are choosing a moving company:

Why Choose a Moving Company?
You may choose to have your move facilitated by a moving company because of the amount of furniture and boxes you have to move, the difficulty involving moving large and heavy objects or because the convenience is worth the cost. After all, moving can be a stressful time.

What is a Moving Company?
A Moving Company can be a number of different things. It may be someone who packs your belonging for you and facilitates the moving of the belongings and furniture into your new home; or, they may only provide a truck and driver and may not load and unload the truck, or some other combination of these factors.

When does one hire a Moving Company?
As with most things, it's best not to wait until the last minute because Moving Companies will have a finite number of employees and trucks available to serve their customers on a given day, so it's important to make your reservation sooner rather than later.

Where does one find a Moving Company?
There are some chances for the damage to occur to your items especially in long distance moves where sometimes there can be requirements to transfer your items to another truck.

Who are Moving Companies?
There are both local and national moving companies that can facilitate local, national, and even international moves. Who you choose will likely be decided by your type of move and any references you can obtain.
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8/19/2015 FrankieWrite Comment
Moving Company moving experience
I used a guy by the name of Ronnie. He was with a company named Moving Agents Of America. He really does a great job of overviewing your entire moving process. I was about to hire a moving company until I talked to him and he walked me through the steps to show me how that company was a scam. My entire moving process turned out to be excellent thanks to Ronnie. Give him a call.
3/3/2015 jeanrichardWrite Comment
Déménagement France-Portugal
Pouvez vous me donner des adresses de déménageurs internationaux Je veut déménager de Nice (France) à Lisbonne Meilleures salutations gilles jeanrichard
8/8/2011 jamieWrite Comment
get lots of quotes
since moving company quotes are often available for free and online, there is no reason not to get many quotes from many different sources. this way, you can get the lowest price possible, but make sure to try to find a rating on the company you choose. if the company isnt reputable, then they are not worth the savings.
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