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  • York
  • USD 400 per month
  • All Sizes
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  • Room For Rent
  • 6 months - 2 years
  • Furnished / Unfurnished
  • Phone   Mail Rental Help
  • 2 Occupants, No pets
  • Move Dec 2
  • Active Nov 2
Fredericton, Stanley

Hi how are you? Well I will start off by my name its Jason Paul from Fredericton. N.b I have one daughter thats 8 years old for a few years now every week end I always have her where her mom works all hours of the night. But I dont think anything going to happen for her to come over I dont get any help from any of my family because we dont talk so right now the only person I have in my life is my daughter. So right now Im in a tight spot in I cant get any help from the city ontil I have a

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  • Fredericton
  • USD 600 per month
  • All Sizes
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  • Room For Rent
  • 1 to 6 months
  • Furnished / Unfurnished
  • Mail Rental Help
  • 1 Occupants, pet
  • Move Dec 1
  • Active Nov 1

I am looking for a short term lease in Fredericton from the first of December, possibly a week earlier, until January 9th