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Renting Guide: Schools

Consider the local schools when choosing a rental
When choosing a Rental Area that's best for you, you also may want to consider the local schools. When choosing a school, you'll want to consider your child's apptitudes and your family's own values. Another decision will be to enroll the child in public school or private school.

The Perfect School
The Perfect School means different things to different parents and students. While some may favor public school or private school, other may favor magnent schools, or schools that attract students with specific apptitudes or skills. The area in which the school resides is also another factor to consider; a school in a high traffic area may be less desirable for young children, but a school near a park could provide plenty of after school exercise with classmates. When choosing a school, ask the administration about the school's philosophy and mission statement. - maybe they're commited to posting math scores over the natinoal average. Ask for a tour to view the school's facilities and meet some of the teachers and personnel. Some smaller schools combine the gym and cafeteria into a single space while other schools may have sprawling libraries and computer labs. Ask about School policies and dress codes. Ask friends and neighbors about the school's reputation. Ask administration members about how parents are notified in the case of an emergency and their standard safety procedures. Most importantly of all, ask how you can become involved at your child's school. This is the best way to get information and an understanding of your child's educational experience.

More questions to ask when learning about a school
When on a tour, ask if there are onsite guidance counselors, an on-site nurse, a librarian, and a secretary and ask if these personnel members work at more than one school in the district. If they do, you may want to ask additional questions about the state of the school district.

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8/15/2011 Wendy
magnet schools
magnet schools are public schools that draw in students from a wide area, perhaps an entire county or other well defined boundary. magnet schools feature specialized courses or curricula in a particular field of study. Fields of study may include academics, such as mathematics, natural sciences, engineering humanities, social sciences, fine arts or performing arts. Other magnet schools may include a curriculum that is technical, vocational or agricultural.
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