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Renting Guide: Rental Price

How to get the best Rental Price using
Rental Price can be set in stone, but there could be room to negotiate. If you don't ask, you'll never know! This is the most important tip we can give you: don't be intimidated, negotiate! Depending on the situation, the landlord may have room to manuever on the rental price. What have you got to lose? Imagine you could get $50 knocked off your monthly rent. Over a year's time, that's an extra $600 in your pocket!

Research before asking for a lower rental price
Be prepared before you ask for a reduction on the rental price by knowing the facts about the rental. Don't be afraid to ask the landlord or other tenants or neighbors questions about the area and the building. How old is the rental? Has it been painted or renovated recently? Why did the previous tenant leave? Is the rental close to shopping, public transportation, schools, parks, entertainment, etc? All of these factors should be weighed when deciding what the rental is worth to you.

Illustrate that you're a desirable tenant
Ask yourself, "Why am I a desirable tenant?" You can illustrate this to the landlord when you're ready to negotiate by preparing a portfolio including proof of earnings, credit history and letters of reference. A positive credit score can be an extremely valuable tool when illustrating your worth as a tenant.

Negotiating for a lower rental price
When you're ready to start negotiating, make sure you're prepared as stated above. Also, remember that negotiations go both ways. If the landlord is willing to budge on rental price, you might want to considerin offering a longer lease commitment. Remember, a good deal usually means that both sides gave up something.

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