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Renting Guide: Jobs

Finding a job in your new rental area
As you prepare to find a job in your new rental area, be prepared for a challenge. Long distance job searching can be about as difficulat as it gets, but with some helpful tips, you can ease the burden.

The Perfect Job
The Perfect job means different things to different employees. Most employees would perfer a profession and work environment that suites their personal needs along with a short commute.

About looking for a job in your new area
Once you begin finding jobs that you are interested in applying for and have your resume prepared, try to imagine an employers perspective. The ligistics of scheduling interviews with out of town candidates alone could be enough to get your resume tossed out of consideration. If you have a friend or relative in the area, try to use their address on your resume and you could stay in the 'possibilities' pile longer. Also, don't count on a new employer covering relocation costs - include this in your own relocation plan. If you are a college graduate, many colleges have alumni networks that could provide possible job leads for you to explore.

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