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What must my tenant do to complete the screening?
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The Tenant Must…
After you submit your credit request for a prospective tenant, the tenant receives an email with instructions to go to the screening center to create an account, accept or decline your request and answer questions to verify their identity. If the tenant accepts the request and answers the identity questions correctly, the credit report is generated and an email is sent to you indicating that the credit report is available for viewing in your tenant screening center.

Possible reasons a report does not complete

1. The tenant did not answer the identity questions correctly.
If this happens, the tenant must call Smartmove toll free at (866)-775-0961 to be validate over the phone. When they hear the Smartmove voice prompt the tenant will need to select:  option 2, and option 2 again, than select option 4.

2. The tenant declined your request for a credit report.
If this happens, the tenant has not accepted your request to get their credit report. If this was a mistake on the tenants part, you will need to click the link at the bottom send them another request. Please note: Once a tenant declines your report balance will reflect this data and move the report from pending back to available.

3. The tenant did not receive your original email request.
If this happens, then contact the tenant to verify that the email used to send the request is correct. Verify this email address by clicking the “details” link of the pending report.

4. The tenant did not use the same email address for their credit account as the email address where you sent the credit request. Tenants sometimes have multiple email addresses. It is very important that they use the email address on smartmove that the tenant screening request was sent.If this happens, tell the tenant go back to and click the create account button. Then they will need to create another account with the email address that you sent the request.

If you have additional questions  please use click the contact us link above or contact Smartmove at the number below.

Contact Numbers
Call Transunion at (866)-775-0961
Call at (201) 845-7300

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