Can I archive a listing?

Archiving your Rental
If your rental may be available again, we recommend that you archive listing instead of deleting it. An archived rental is hidden from all tenant searches, but still accessible from your landlord account by selecting “My Hidden Listings” from the “My Account” tab. The benefit of archiving your listings is that you will not have to repost your rental and you can reactivate it at any time.

When to repost your listing
As soon as you know that your listing will be available again, you should reactivate it with the new start date of day it will be available. There are always tenants looking for a rental in the future, so get your listing posted as soon as you know it is available.

How to keep my listing archived
Every four months we will send you an email notifying you that you have rental listings archived at As long as you click the link to keep your listing archived your rental postings will stay archived forever.

Archived Premium Listings
Premium rental listings are valid for 30 days regardless if they are archived or not. If you archive a Premium listing, and reactivate this listing it will stay premium as long as the 30 day from the premium activation date has not expired