Tenant Background Reports - Eviction Reports

Eviction Reports

An Eviction report contains information on an individual's Eviction history. An Eviction report only contains information when an applicant has been evicted from a rental in a particular state. Sublet.com offers Eviction report services for individuals with identification issued in the United States only, such as a driver's license or state identification card.

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These reports are for background checks on prospective tenants

Why Run a Eviction Report on a Prospective Tenant
Running an eviction report on a prospective tenant will give you information on whether or not the tenant has ever been evicted from a rental property before. Often eviction judgments are reported to credit agencies, but eviction data rarely appears on a credit report, which is why an eviction report is necessary to obtain a clear picture of a tenant's rental history. Whether or not a judgment was rendered on a eviction case, it will still appear on an eviction report, even if the matter didn't go to court. For example, if a tenant was served an eviction notice for nonpayment of rent but then paid the rent amount due and the eviction case was dropped, this would still appear on an eviction report, but there is very little chance that this would appear on a credit report. An eviction report is an excellent complement to a credit report and with these two tenant background reports, you can receive a very clear report of the tenant's rental history.

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