I would highly recommend this landlord. She does everything to please. Although she does not live in the building (she lives on the next street), she was always willing to come over to help whenever she could. I called her twice, once when it was snowing and once when it was raining heavily. She came right over and repaired a light switch on one occasion and helped with a blown fuse on the other. On the phone, she directed me first to the concierge to make these repairs but when I said I was not as comfortable contacting them as I was with her, Alice immediately came over with her tool box to assist me. I stayed with her for 6 months on one occasion and before that, for 3 weeks. Both times, she demonstrated the same attitude as described above. She was always willing to go out of her way to please me. She supervised the cleaning lady she got for me and my place was always spotless. Though I never asked, she she even prepared meals for me and brought them across the street for me during the time when I had the flu. Both places had private bathrooms. There was a washing machine and a dryer on each floor where I rented from her. The building has a 24 hour doorman and the nicest neighbors that you can imagine. The neighborhood is great - safe, friendly and full of places to eat out, have food delivered and reasonably priced stores and places of entertainment. She told me she furnished my place with the same furniture as she had for her own daughter. When I came to her to visit on a recent day trip to New York, I visited her daughter at her daughters apt. and saw that what I had been told was the truth. Once when I lost my keys and called her on her cell, she had her manager leave his worksite and come immediately to help me out. In the meantime, she offered to let me stay in her own apartment across the way. I would rent from her anytime.