I rented this home while my wife was deployed overseas and I needed extra space for family members staying in Arizona. It is a beautiful house in a quiet neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean everything was during my stay. All the furniture, appliances, cooking utensils, bedroom sets, walls and carpeting were well cared for and in excellent condition. It had everything I needed to live there (except for a wrench set to assemble my daughters new bike... I spent a half-hour scouring the garage for pliers, haha!). The inside is also decorated with tasteful paintings and knick-knacks - you would feel comfortable if you wanted to entertain guests. The yard has desert landscaping and doesnt require much upkeep, and there is a huge lemon tree in the backyard that will give you more than enough fruit to bring to your coworkers. There is also a gas grill in the backyard hooked up to the house - I was able to barbeque several nights a week throughout the summer. The property owner Ruthanne was a pleasure to work with. She made sure the pest control person came out when scheduled, recommended a housekeeper for us, and even put in an extra cable box for my mother-in-law. I actually put down the security deposit without seeing the home firsthand because the military had me out of state... and I couldnt have been happier. My experience here seemed more like house-sitting for a family member than just another rental. I would stay here again if my circumstances permitted. You will definitely like it. Please email with questions. - Steve K