Renting from Jon was the best landlord/roommate experience Ive had in the past year, since I gave up my 2-bedroom apartment in East Elmhurst. He is respectful, very specific with his requests for cleanliness in the common areas, which I really appreciated. As such, the apartment is immaculate. I was given total privacy when I needed it, also. The floor plan of the apartment is laid out in a good way, the bedrooms are on opposite ends of the unit. The only drawback was the exposure of the bedroom on the 7th floor - it tended to get cold. Jon provided extra bedding on those really chilly nights, which was above and beyond what I would expect. Jon is also a really good guy, interesting to talk with, we watched tv together, and occasionally shared meals. Its too bad I found this space so close to the end of my time in NYC. The location is good and the apartment is very comfortable.