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We rented the apartment May 2012 until August 2012. The apartment was clean, comfortable and good experience for us. We asked the landlord about the low rating on the review of the apartment. the landlord simply stated that tenant did not do as their lease stated - no pets, no smoking, and no sub-letting. I am sure it is quite hard to clean up behind animals and smoking. so I say Kudos to her!! We received our deposit back without any problems, the apartment was returned clean.

we stayed in this apartment from december 2012 until march 2013. we found the apartment to be comfortable, homey, warm during the winter and comfortable on the onset of spring. we found the landlord to be courteous, responsive and understanding of our needs whether it be with directions or a nice place to eat. we did however inquire about the poor rating the apartment received in september 2012. The landlord informed us, that review was from tenants of a year prior, 2011. Apparently, this tenant to do the opposite of what the lease said, no pets ( $300 penalty) no smoking ($300 penalty) and no subletting. This tenant broke all the rules, had a cat on the premises, and left urine smell, feces and cat hair all over the apartment. Im asthmatic and if the landlord did let animals on the premises, i would not otherwise be able to stay in the apartment. If we were the landlord we wouldnt give that tenant any refund. They are lucky she gave them anything. I would definitely recommend this apartment. ;-)

My first time to New York, I decided to rent for a period of 3 months through from this, phenominal landlord. R.W., the landlord proved to be kind, attentive and understanding. The house although 100+ old, its character and garden in the back gave me a combination of city life and tranquility. The area is a great mixture of cultures; several laundromats in the area, ballys and several supermarkets gave me and my family the opportunity to make us feel like it was a home away from home. I will gladly recommend this property and landlord to my friends, family and any other. R.W. we look forward to returning. best regards...

we rented from this person last year. there were several issues with leaking toilets, wind coming through window frames that were stuffed with paper and the house itself was in a messy construction state. a previous tenant had left a cat behind and she did not take care of the situation. we found a home for the cat . after we had moved out she was not able to refund the security deposit and asked us to wait . we waited over 6 weeks and finally after sending a letter indicating legal action, she refunded a part of the deposit saying the deduction was for cats hair found in the apartment. her impertinence was incredible. all in all it was a very unpleasant experience and we never saw the full amount of our deposit.

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