Edzer is a very nice man. I lived there for three months outside New York. At first in New Jersey and at the last minute at a new hotel for 2 months. After writing to the landlord, he responded immediately. The very next day we were able to talk about a meeting, and he showed me a couple of apartments. Finally, thanks to him, I managed to find a beautifully affordable price, and in the meantime we became very good friends and still keep in touch. I would recommend to anyone, and.

Edzer is a really great guy! We should photocopy him and scatter to make the world a better place!:) But to mention facts too, I was urgently looking for a place to live at here in Manhattan. Ed replied withing a few hours already, in the middle of the night. I wanted to check out the places he mentioned asap, he arranged it as I wished. And I ended up in a really nice place for a great price, and made an true new friend in the person of Ed.