Call me “first time lucky” but in terms of finding a sublet satisfying my requirements, I could not have found a better match. It was important to me that I sublet directly from an owner/occupier. From my first contact with Barbara and Robert, I knew that I was dealing with good people. My intuition proved spot on. Barbara and Robert went out of their way to make sure that I was comfortable in their apartment. The financial arrangements went through without a hiccup even though my husband, a New Zealand lawyer, took something of a leap of faith in paying over the sizable deposit to people on the other side of the world whom he had not met. The apartment was exactly as advertised; no embellishments. I give Barbara and Robert my highest recommendation. Unfortunately, I will never be renting from Barbara and Robert again. So much did I love my experience in their apartment that I bought my own apartment in the same building complex! Now we can waive to each other from our decks!