1st of all I found this sublet before reviews were written so I couldnt have known what others experienced with Natalie (landlord). I paid her 500 in Aug for half the rental&she sent me a rental agreement. A week before rental (Dec) she told me the sublet was overbooked &she wont allow me to rent it. I replied that I booked the sublet months in advance& I was to be given superiority. She asked that I pay more or I would lose it. I called her but she wouldnt answer. I then had to find another sublet. Weeks after rental date I called trying to get my money back, but no response. Finally I called using a different # &she answered. She thought she gave me the money but she checked again &saw that she didnt. I threatened to call small claims court if she didnt pay me back soon &she immediately paid me back thru PayPal. Moral of the story: DONT RENT FROM HER!!!SHES A SCAMMER. If you already lost money to her, good luck trying to reach her. Otherwise dont even consider renting from Natalie.