Thank God my friend who is a Police Officer witnessed this landlord (Sandor) reneging out of an apartment deal so if you dare to try this guy and you have any issues contact me... After faxing over my bank statements Sandor had agreed to a $1100 monthly lease rental & told me he would be available in the building ALL day on 10/29 to take my $1100 money order I had and give me the keys to move in the same day. I planned my move based on this verbal agreement only to be left out in the cold LITERALLY...on that COLD WINDY afternoon Oct. 29 during the ice/freezing rainstorm in Brooklyn,NY he didnt even give me a chance to see him because he did not answer the door or give the courtesy of a phonecall. I was left virtually homeless having to transition into a hotel. I do not wish you to go threw the NIGHTMARE I went thru!! WARNING: This Landlord may leave you HOMELESS!! Sincerely, Rachel