We rented from this landlord and she was really nice! We never had any problems with them and the house was well maintained. I loved the location, since I work in Portland having the freeway access just around the corner was perfect, plus the YMCA was just minutes away where my two kids took swimming lessons. The dead end was nice and quiet and private but there were kids for my children to play with just at the end of the block. The 3 neighbors on the dead end are very quiet, the only thing I guess I could say that wasnt my favorite was that the house next door is in horrible disrepair and has TONS of black berry thicket in the back yard and we had to constantly trim the creepy crawly vines on our side of the yard. Overall I would jump at the chance to rent from her again, we only moved because my husband got a job in Oregon City and since I already work in Portland we decided to move closer to our jobs to save on gas prices.