The apartment is amazing and the landlords were excellent. We really enjoyed out time in the unit. We wish we could have stayed. The landlords are on time, prompt and they really care about their tenants. We really liked how they were always accessible whenever we needed anything. The landlords attention to detail is impeccable and they really took care of the unit. This unit is top notch with the best stylish furniture, comfortable bed and we really like how they titled the bathroom which also has the jacuzzi tub. The access to NYC was the best and the number of conveniences in the area was very helpful!!! Not only are they good landlords, but overall really good people and we are very glad we met them and had the privilege to stay in their unit this year. If you are a future tenant, you will be in great company as this landlord was one of the best we have ever had. You cannot go wrong with this unit: it is amazing and cared for by great landlords.