I have been the tenant in this apartment since January 2011. The landloard has been OUTSTANDING I have only had to contact him for "issues" with the apartment 3 times and he responded promptly and quickly resolved the issue (once he even came to the apartment at 10:00pm to let me in because I locked myself out of the apartment!). The apartment is actually NICER than the pictures show, and the included amenities are GREAT! I had maid service come once a month to keep the apartment clean & fresh (it cost me $60 per month and is not included in the rent - if you lease the apartment and are interested contact me & I will provide the maids name & contact information...). If you want me to "talk your ear off" telling you why you should rent this apartment, call me & I will. The only reason I am leaving it is because my job position is moving to Utah...THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING ARAPRMENT - YOU SHOULD LEASE IT - THE LANDLOARD IS GREAT