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Tenant Reviews of Landlord 320533

Some of this her apartments have fees. Also after making an appointment, I waited and called and she never showed up!

The apartment is not available, and they have nothing for this price. The lady told me "I have other apartments, much more expensive."

Horrible experience. She never showed me the apartment was supposed to show me in brooklyn. She said she spoke with the super, but the super said he never spoke with her. She charged me a brokers fee even when she said there was none.

The listing says no broker fee, but she asked me for one in the end.

This lady has many listings, but was told that none of them were available. I have made several long distance calls only to be told "Call back".

Manager wouldnt return phone calls or emails. She was always too busy to talk to me and always claimed that she would call me back and never did. I wasted a week calling her repeatedly with no response.

No one answered the phone for a long time, and when someone finally picked up, he was very rude and hung up on me.

Indifference and apathy. I paid the $39.95 fee in order to get the contact information of the rentals. I called Chany five (5) times regarding listings. I spoke with her directly twice (2). Was asked to call back and leave a voicemail regarding the listing. I left three (3) voicemails and sent one (1) email via the website. I have not received ANY feedback.

Landlord never responded to any of my e-mails due to Jewish Holiday.

I called a property manager by the name of Chany...who had apartments to sublet in the Soho and Midtown area. I found my conversation with her strange. She was not letting me finish my sentences, could not understand basic questions like "could you please send me a floor plan and some photos for such-and-such flats?" She had poor communication skills. Best wishes, Drs. Meera and Mark

Sent an email to landlord stating what we are looking for and never heard back.

Hard to get in touch. Make surte that the apartment is in the area that its claimed to be.

I tried to contact this user a few times but didn't get prompt replies back to the emails or phone calls.

Make sure to check which area the listings are in.

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