When my wife and I were looking for some places to stay in Mexico, we turned to Sublet.com and found this place. Our dealings with this owner/landlord were WONDERFUL. Starting with the quick response to our questions via email and later during a very pleasant conversation on the phone to check/verify our stay dates, etc.As it turned out, the best was yet to come. When we unfortunately had a change in our destination plans at the last minute, Ernestina (Owner/Landlord) was very understanding and pleasant about it. Here is a quote from her email I hope everything is alright with your trip and that you have been doing good. Thank you for the email, and you dont have to apologize for not coming here the only thing that you have to be worry about is to take the time for knowing the exuberant and marvelous Mexico.We look forward to one day thanking her in person and of course staying at her place.