I had hired a woman to come in and clean weekly and she did her best but commented that the apt was so old and un-maintained that there was only so much she could do. The floors, for instance, have built-up filth and old wax layered on them. Towels and scraps of cloth had been hung over the windows at the back of the flat. But despite his promise to come to Barcelona just before I left to return my deposit, he missed his flight and didnt show. I left my bank details so he could transfer my deposit directly into my account. After 2 months, I notified SUBLET.COM of his inaction and they wrote him about it. I received an e-mail from him saying that he was insulted. Still no sign on my deposit. Finally he sent money to my bank but he decided, without explanation, to withhold $100. Thats what one would have to deal with when renting from this guy. There are much better opportunities to experience Barcelona than this dive.

Marcello has a beautiful apartment at the top of a 4 storey building in the Left Eixample district, a nice neighborhood. He was very accommodating when I needed additional leasing paperwork. He lives in Italy but is quite accessible over the Internet.