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The madness is not worth the good deal! More like an angry mother - not a landlord. Went with money to sign a lease and turned around and walked away after being scolded at like children. This is not business! Looked at this apartment last Saturday. The Landlord spent 10 minutes telling us about her health issues. As soon as we started asking questions about the apartment, she said she was in a rush and didnt have time. *Oven is broken *two of the stove tops are broken *shower handle is broken *no microwave *Garbage and junk is sitting out side the front door and in the halls of the home. When we offered to pick it up for her, she shouted that there is no mess! Because the unbelievably low price would still qualify this apartment as a steal, On Tueday we committed and told her we wanted to lease the apartment on Friday, in which she agreed. Wednesday my roommate called her to ask if we could do a final walk through. Landlord went crazy shouting that she doesnt understand why we ask so many questions. We were desperate so we told her well see her Friday Friday when we showed up, (late due to unexpected travel delays and locating a bank in an area I had not been to before so that I could give her her money) she opened the door shouting because 1.)we came 30 minutes past the time we told her we would be there. 2.)we didnt bring anything with us. (We wanted to sign the paperwork and clean up the place first.) She informed us that she wanted to see how much stuff we had before we came in because she didnt want us to bring a lot of our belongings or furniture in 3.)She yelled that we did not need to clean because she already cleaned. 4.) We could not decorate because she doesnt want even tape or sticky tack on the walls! Very emotional and irrational. After all the yelling she said she would give it to us only if we agree she can kick us out for any reason before our three month lease was up. We turned around on her door step and left.

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