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What To Pack When Living in a Short Term Rental
Having to pack for a short-term getaway can sometime become a very arduous task as you maybe unsure what to pack, or even if you have packed too little or too much. Generally, for a short-term rental, it?s recommended to pack a weeks worth of clothing. You should be able to plan an outfit for each day you will be away and for any special occasions that may require something nicer to wear such as going to dinner at a fancy restaurant or attending a wedding. Most areas have a Laundromat close by, so if you run out of clothes, you can always stop by the Laundromat to wash your clothes. In addition to clothes, it is important to bring a bag of toiletries along with you. When going to a short-term rental, you are never to sure what?s provided for you. At least by bringing some toiletries with you, you will always be prepared. If you run out, there are usually convenience stores nearby where you will be able to restock. We also recommend bringing a laptop along with you. Depending on where you are staying and how long, a laptop is a valuable device that can help you get information about your area, communicate with others as well as be a great piece of home entertainment to play movies, listen to music and browse the internet. A cell phone is equally as important as you may never know when you will need to make an emergency phone call. Do not forget to pack the charger! In addition to these, you can pack along some snack in your luggage. If you are on a budget, having some snacks saved in your luggage will be helpful as you may not be familiar with how much snacks may be in the new area. Finally, it is important to pack along at least 2 forms of identification such as a government ID or a passport. With these items, you should be able to settle in and enjoy your Short Term Rental. Share with us your thoughts on what else you could pack when living in a Short Term Rental.
7/11/2014 DottiedakesWrite Comment
A dish and utensils!
I would also bring a bowl, plate, thermos and a fork or spoon, never know when you are going to need them. Check if there are blankets etc, you might need to bring some bedding. Clothing is a must, and snacks to have for your first week. I always put about 40 tea bags in my thermos, makes packing lighter, utilicizing space and you have a months worth of something to drink.
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