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What are Sublease contracts?
A Sublease contract is an agreement between a subtenant of a third party and the lessee. If a tenant is currently renting an apartment, and wants to leave the without breaking the lease, they will have the ability to turn over the rental to a third party person that is not on the name of the original lease or rental contract. The person that is taking over the lease and signs the new sublease contract, is thus responsible for the rent and any of the terms and conditions implemented in the original lease. It is important that the original tenant gets the consent from the landlord to be able to sublease their rental as in some locations, landlords do not allow them to sublease their rental without a consent. offers for purchase a Sublease Agreement that will clearly define all terms between yourself and the third party. The sublease agreement draft offered here provides a contract of suggested terms and conditions between the subleasor and sublessee. Have you had any experiences with a Sublease contract?
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