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Roommate Agreements Are Essential
The May 19th, 2011 edition of the New York Times published an article in their real estate section entitled How to Avoid Roommate Regret, which was written by Susan Stellin. If you are considering a roommate situation, it?s an article worth reading. The piece explains that if you are entering into a roommate situation, you may want to consider getting a roommate agreement, which offers under its Real Estate Contract menu. For example, when you rent a room from someone, you may want to consider asking to be added to the lease. This way, if the original tenant decides to move, you have an option to stay and find another roommate. You may have to wait until the next time the lease expires, but this gives you more rights than you would otherwise have, especially if things don?t work out between you and the roommate down the road. Other reasons to create a Roommate Agreement are to define how and when the rent is paid and to whom, how utilities are paid, how household chores are divvied, food sharing, whether or not overnight guests are allowed, and so on. Many things in a roommate agreement are not legally enforceable; for example, who vacuums the living room on alternating Thursdays, but still, it is important to have an understanding between roommates that defines who is responsible for what.
3/3/2015 damini pasbolaWrite Comment
need a room ASAP
Need a room ASAP. Size of the room does not matter but the room should be secure and private. The rent of 400mo, can be paid (per month) currently. After a year or two, the rent could be raised upon negotiation.
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