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neighbor disputes
although tenants are not necessarily permanent residents, they may live in a rental property for a very long time, and their neighbors may be permanent residents, or owners, or their property. its important to find amicable ways to settle disputes and to practice good and courteous behavior amongst your neighbors, whether they are temporary, long term or permanent. What are some situations tenants have gotten into? What was the resolution?
6/21/2015 CindyWrite Comment
Noisy Neighbor
Call the Police next time. Get a copy of the report. After 3 of these, take him to court for disturbing the peace and interfering with your quality of life and health. He has no repect and therefore does not deserve same. Enough is enough.
3/24/2015 YasmineWrite Comment
inconsiderate apartment neighbors in same building
Our downstairs neighbors make loud intermittent noises through the night; they sound like loud thuds (like a heavy box being dropped), loud thumps (like furniture being pushed against a wall) and unidentifiable sounds like a bat being struck against the walls. These sounds occur about every 10 to 25 min. and are sudden and very loud. They either keep us from going to sleep or wake us up all night! The neighbors are in denial and become angry when approached. The manager says theres nothing he can do since no one else complains and when he brings it up to the loud tenant, the tenant denies hes doing anything loud. We had a mediation service invite this neighbor to a meeting to discuss the situation (twice) and he never responded. When I asked him (by chance in the driveway) why he never responded, he said Im not making any noise so why should I? This man is NOT a young man living out his youth! Hes in his mid 60s and his girlfriend is in her 50s. We are soooo desperate to sleep and its affecting our work and our health now. The last landlords (theres no manager on site) wrote a very terse letter to this man telling him he had to be quiet (twice). The man then invited US to mediation and we went and talked out the problem. Then he became quiet for several years. The he met his girlfriend and the problem began again. The man is NOT afraid of the current manager because he is, in our opinion, weak; he seems to side with the dope smoking, noise making, car washing (in a drought), junk collecting tenant rather than us who are quiet, considerate, very clean, respectful tenants who always pay rent ahead of time! Our lawyer (before he retired:() suggested that he go with us to the rent board and present the problem and ask for a rent reduction since we cant sleep in our apartment and the loud tenant is violating the peace and quiet aspect of our lease. We never did it and now hes retired! What do you suggest we do? Weve been in that building for a very long time and our rent is so reasonable. Theres no guarantee that if we pay more we will have quiet neighbors so, wed like to work it out where we are. Weve approached this tenant several times over the last 3 years and he either yells and swears at us and shuts the door in our faces or he just laughs and says yeah, I hear noise at night too. What can we do???? Sleepless in the Bay Area
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