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The Packing for a Move message board is a place for everyone to recount their experiences, ask questions and give advice concerning Packing for a Move.

The following are the questions asked by the owner to the car mover:

Why you should start packing early?
Packing is a time consuming process and needs to be handled with care as you won't want to move things you don't want or need anymore. Unless you can hire professional packers, you should begin sorting through your things as soon as you know you're going to move.

What do you pack and how?
It's important to make sure you don't pack anything you'll need in the immediate future. For example, if it's currently fall, it's a good idea to box up your summer clothing while leaving your winter clothing easily accessible. It's also important to make sure you pack things properly; glass items like kitchenware need a lot of padding, and it,s important to wrap objects like wooden furniture in blankets to avoid scratching.

When should you start packing?
Two months before your move date should give you plenty of time to start the process. You'll want to start with any storage areas and carefully evaluate what you're packing as there may be time for a yard sale or online sale of items you don't want or need anymore. The more time you give yourself, the more options you have.

Where do you start packing?
As you begin to organize your things, it's important to have a planned space for the boxes that will be out of the way. If possible, try to do your organizing in packing in an out of the way spot as maneuvering around your home can become tricky.

Who is doing the packing?
Unless you can hire professional packers, you'll be doing the packing yourself. If you're doing the packing, remember that fragile items must be packed carefully to avoid damage. Other items, while not necessarily fragile, can still sustain cosmetic damage if not prepped for a move properly.
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