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Moving with children is an added challenge. This message board is a place to recount experiences, ask questions, and give advice about Moving with Children.
Moving with Children

Moving is a stressful event for everyone in the family. Children and teens are especially sensitive to moves. It is important to thoroughly explain the move to the children, and always answer their questions truthfully to make them as comfortable as possible.
New School

It is important to keep kids as involved as possible. The children will be changing schools, so be sure to address any concerns from them. Also, be sure to get all paperwork in order, so you can get the kids enrolled as smoothly as possible. If the opportunity arises, take the children on a tour of their new school and town. Try to get any assignments or books in advance, and introduce them to their new teachers. If your child is involved in extracurricular activities, such as school sports or clubs, look into what the new school has to offer. If they are involved in activities outside of school, like dance or instrument lessons, try to find the same activity in your new town. It is important to keep the children's routine as normal as possible to avoid too much stress.
New Room

Also, get the children involved in packing. Making a master list of all of the items moving is very efficient. These items can be sorted into three categories: move, trash, and donate. It is an easy way to keep track of everything when packing and unpacking. It is also efficient to have an "essentials box". This box should include a spare set of keys, wallets, medications, electronics, and any important documents. Also include extra clothes and toiletries. Each family member should have their own box. Keep certain items accessible, such as sheets, towels, toiletries, disposable tableware, and paper towels, to have for the first few days. See our "Moving Tips" for more suggestions. When possible, try to get the children involved in the decoration of their new room. Have them pick out the color scheme, bedding, and decorations. If there is a playroom, consider their input there as well. If you are bringing items from the old house to the new house, try to sort the children's things. If there are old toys or clothes that they no longer use, donate them to charity. Be clear about just how much stuff the kids can keep, especially is the new home is smaller.
New Friends

Along with a new school, the children will have to make new friends. Before the move, be sure the children have the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends. If possible, consider throwing a goodbye party for the kids and their friends. It is important for kids to stay in contact with their old friends, so be sure that they have the new phone number to give out, and their friends' current phone numbers.
New Places

While moving is stressful, it can be a great opportunity to see new places. If possible, take some time to visit your new town before you make the move. Not only tour your new home, but go around the town itself and see what it has to offer. It is important for the kids to be comfortable, but you should be as well.
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