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    maya 04/17/2016

    this lovely apartment I used to call HOME for few monthes was everything I could wish for:
    starting with the clean and modern design which givs the place the feelling its bigger than it is (fited my alone but also my two brothers how came visit). It was fully equipped so I missd nothing. And it has this TERAZA in which I used to have my coffee and was my favorit spot in the place.
    Also, the location was graet!, after mooving from another place in the city, in here I almoset never used the metro. Its close to everything in the city, aspacially to places tourists, like me, usualy go to.
    Even the nighbors was kined.
    And most important- Miguel, the oner, was so nice and kind and always willing to halp with every littel thing I askd, in no time, I always fellt like I had someone to turn to.