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  • Trevor  Profile

    Trevor 08/13/2019

    I lived in Tonis apartment for 3 months in the summer of 2019. Overall it was a great experience, and this apartment served its purpose very well.

    Wallingford is a beautiful neighborhood, bus service to downtown is only a couple blocks away, Gas Works Park gives an amazing view of the Seattle skyline, and the Burke-Gilman trail is an incredibly easy way to bike or walk to UW for a more social experience.

    The apartment is very well furnished, both with furniture and basic amenities.

    Internet access is good, speeds are as you would expect from a reasonably modern home these days. I set up my desktop PC to go into the living room TV.

    Toni is an excellent landlord, she does not intrude and gives you fair warning if she needs to enter the unit for any reason.

    TLDR: Toni and her apartment is a great choice, long or short-term. Aside from a few niche difficulties, this apartment served its purpose very well, and I would recommend it to anyone searching.

  • Kate Hathaway Profile

    Kate Hathaway 10/12/2018

    Tonis place is clean, comfortable, quiet, and well-equipped. The location in Fremont/Wallingford is very convenient -- its close to bus lines, I-5 and 99, and walking distance to the heart of Wallingford. You can get mail here, which is a great perk. Parking is street parking, but theres no problem finding a spot. Toni is friendly, responsive, and considerate. She runs this like a business.