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  • Nadia  Profile

    Nadia 11/07/2017

    BEDBUGS, MICE! Upon visiting prior to moving in, apartment looked superficially alright for the short time I needed to sublet. Tenants moved in and within days were getting bitten by bedbugs, located in multiple rooms on multiple floors in the building despite lease saying the building did not have bed bugs. Apartment also had numerous entryways for mice, mice were spotted in kitchen and bedrooms multiple times, and a rodent actually attempted to steal an avocado off of the kitchen table and tried to smuggle into the walls (tenants woke up to avocado stuck in hole in the wall in the kitchen). Mgmt hired exterminators but exterminators were inadequate - tenants packed everything in trash bags but exterminators didnt even move bags to spray under, just sprayed around everything. Needless to say bedbugs were still there after three exterminations. Numerous incidences of pulling bedbugs off of my sheets and bed frame, even after third extermination. Despite all this, when approached about partial refund or rent deduction mgmt were dismissive, and merely offered up the use of a vacuum. Mgmt refused to reduce rent or talk about refund while tenants were living there, and tried to blame tenants for attracting mice into apartment based on a photo taken of "garbage" (some rinsed recycling) on the side of the kitchen when he came in to fix the hole in the kitchen wall weeks after first mouse sighting. Moved out early and management ignored emails regarding return of deposit for a week before finally returning deposit. They did not provide any discount for the stressful time spent there, or any acknowledgment of the severity of the situation and the experience there for tenants. Only argued with tenants about the state of the apartment despite the fact tenants did not see mgmt step through the doors for the duration of our stay. Overall, terrible experience, would not recommend to anyone!

  • Peter Woodyard Profile

    Peter Woodyard 04/05/2013

    The loft itself is really pleasant. Very spacious and cosy. The neighbourhood itself was rough- you certainly wouldnt want to be on the street by yourself late at night, but that goes for quite a bit of New York. The landlord(s) are very professional.