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  • Cagri  Profile

    Cagri 08/28/2015

    The landlord returned two thirds of the deposit rather than the full amount because she believes I did not honor the rental agreement. I disagree as the rental was advertised for 3 occupants; I did check in alone for the short term rental, but we did have three occupants for three days. I was also uncomfortable with her frequent check-ins, which were disruptive for me.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 04/17/2015

    from the Sublet.com Team:
    The landlord has stated that once the tenant damaged the apartment and refused to pay for said damages, she asked them to leave and refunded them the fee for the two days they would no longer be staying.

  • jacomine  Profile

    jacomine 04/14/2015

    We had a bad experience with this rental. There was a an incident and the landlord canceled the last 2 of our 4 day stay.