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  • ALAIN  Profile

    ALAIN 10/27/2021

    Totally recommendable!!
    Grace has given us an unforgettable experience while we were her tenants, I have known other rental sites and in none have I felt in such a cozy and familiar environment as in this one, from the first moment she was reasonable, flexible, comprehensive and totally serious and professional with her business. The house is spacious, bright and clean and allows a stay with all the comforts that someone could expect. It is very well equipped and all this for a very competitive price. Not far from downtown and in a very peaceful and neighborhood area.
    Fully recommended for families, couples or friends who want to meet or spend a season in this beautiful city with nothing else to worry about other than enjoying a magnificent stay.

  • Isobella Thorn  Profile

    Isobella Thorn 06/10/2018

    She answered my hopeful questions warmly and with good cheer. Honest and helpful!

  • Pasquale  Profile

    Pasquale 03/17/2016

    I met this landlady via imail contact and she was very informative, polite, honest and helpful. She gave a sense of being reasonable and flexible in view of my financial situation. It is difficult to find a landlord who is willing to bend a little and treat a tenant with value and not like a number. I got the sense she would be attentive to any areas of unanticipated concern, and it would be addressed immediately. She has the human element of good , open feedback and were I to accept her offer as-is, it likely would be a mutually-favourable business venture, both aesthetically, and--the bottom-line. The inherent value of good business prospers and facilitates productive trade in which the goods and service of an apartment rental reciprocates her willingness to present this opportunity to the community and the overall provincial Quebec revenue. merci beaucoup, grazie e buona diciasette marzo duemilasedici giovedi

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 11/28/2011

    The rental was used by some friends from Brazil. The rental was clean as promised and as advertised. The hosts made us feel very welcome.