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    Tenant 08/08/2018

    with my dentist to fufill. Selim had ample opportunities to warn me of any breach, yet he did not. As far as I am concerned this is a $600 + the bogus $45 in "utility" fees that pilfered from my purse are nothing more than valuable lesson for me, which I humbly accept, but a fair warning to anyone considering doing business with either of these two.

    Property Manager: While we are always grateful for candid and accurate guest feedback, and we appreciate the time you took in writing, you know full well that the reason you forfeited your deposit was that you requested a 3 month extension of your lease in writing, and 3 weeks later changed your mind and left with a few days warning just before rent was due - leaving us with an unrented unit. We declined several reservation requests, and subsequent revenue, as the unit was committed to you for 3 additional months. Had we known you were going to suddenly vacate right before rent was due, we could have rented it, but you chose to break your word and leave us holding an empty apartment. That is why you forfeited your deposit (not to mention the destroyed sheets and pillows you left). The $15 Dollars base utility fee is fully described in our rental contract, as are all of the other terms and conditions you agreed to. The contract is on our website for review by all guests,and you indicated you had read, understood, and agreed to it before making your reservation. You are one of the very rare guests who are not refunded 100% of their deposit on checkout day, as you both damaged the contents of the apartment and broke your lease. Remember that contracts are to bind both parties, and when one of them breaks the terms agreed to, there is a penalty to pay. We wish you good luck with your pilgrimage and dental work.

    - Quality Control Team

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    Tenant 08/08/2018

    Nemo, his partner Selim and their on site manager Elissa all present themselves very well and very professional. Nemo and Selim even accommodated me with getting me a larger screen TV for my room.The service was always on point. Whatever was needed they moved on it right away without delay. The room was clean and the location and amenities are great. And the people on the sight were very nice and friendly and it is a very safe environment. My issues were that their page states everything is included in your rent with the exception of electricity and the 1 time cleaning fee. When I got there I learned that there was an extra $15 utility fee that was not mentioned that I was asked to pay to Selim. I said I would not pay that unless I heard that from Nemo. Nemo knocked on my door to co sign it. It states there is a private space for gated parking solely for residence. The only gated space they owned was the outdoor lobby space where the residence sat outside to smoke cigarettes. The space is probably large enough to hold 4 cars, but that is not what it was used for in the time I spent. Nemo saw fit to penalize my security deposit for breach once I left. I Nemo a detailed email report ccing a copy to Selim explaining how Selim and I spoke at the beginning of the month of what my intentions were. All I can tell you is that even if Nemo was kept in the dark and did not know of my communication with Selim, Selim knows that we spoke about my intentions and he still has not reached out to me to apologize to me for the confusion or has taken responsibility in this matter. Their properties required a 3 month minimum. I did not want to be locked into a 3 month commitment. The very next day, Selim stopped by to collect the June rent and to deliver a message that they received my text message about staying another 3 months, but was out of the country and could not respond. I thanked him, but I told him then that those plans changed as I had numerous appointments