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  • DH  Profile

    DH 07/15/2020

    Greta is an excellent landlord - incredibly by the book, honest, upfront and always available to fix any issues that may come up. She is also a person of great character and extremely kind and helpful. I highly recommend her and any of her rentals.

  • Dale Davis  Profile

    Dale Davis 07/08/2019

    Excellent communication, candor and intelligence - Greta is the ultimate host making your stay as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Greta is responsive and provided needed information upfront. She continued to check-in to make sure that we were having a great stay. Highly recommend.

  • Alexis  Profile

    Alexis 06/04/2019

    Greta is very responsive and provided needed information upfront. She was accommodating to our needs and helpful in finding us a great place to stay. She continued to check in and make sure that we were having a great stay. Highly recommend working with her.

  • Al  Profile

    Al 09/10/2018

    Margareta is a professional with significant rentals that are appealing to discerning individuals. She knows Manhattan like nobodies business.

  • Andrew  Profile

    Andrew 06/21/2017

    We first rented on 38th Street with Greta a couple of years ago. This experience being my first "owner occupied" shared rental and traveling with my young children I was a bit nervous. She could not have been any friendlier or more accommodating, allowing a long-term friend and broker to visit her apartment for me ahead of our stay to "check things out". He described her perfectly on our phone call as intelligent, sweet, direct and efficient, he added that I would "like her (and the apartment) a lot".
    Greta assured us complete privacy and delivered such during our stay, that is until my kids fell in love with her and her beautiful dog "Harley", my wife and I loved awaking to her chatting with our children as they loved on her dog in the mornings before departing out for our day. She was always conscientious to respect our privacy and had we felt "encroached" upon would have gladly stayed in her portion of the home. We never saw her on our return in the evenings.
    Her apartment has the Most spectacular views of Manhattan and LIC, sweeping from the lower East River 270 degrees to the upper East River, the photos we took will impress for a lifeline, as a NYC "ex-pat" I had never experienced such views, not even at landmark tourist spots!
    I could not recommend her (or her apartment) any more highly and we cannot wait to return to join her again. (Greta even graciously INSISTED on running a laundry for us while we spent our days exploring the city with our children).
    On a side note, I recently contacted her again for a short stay for my HS reunion and although her apartment was unavailable, she quickly found me impeccable accommodations in her building with a friend, once again I could not have been happier.
    Anybody who thinks she is "nasty", "impossible" etc..must be speaking of someone else, she was a pure delight to deal with. They need to look inside at themselves. I dont know how anybody could not appreciate her directness, candor and intelligence. FIVE STARS!!!

  • Gabriel J Alcala Profile

    Gabriel J Alcala 11/13/2015

    I stayed at 210 East 58th St Unit 9G. Relatively modern building.
    The locations is perfect. Easy access to subways (3-blocks to 4, 5, 6; 2-blocks to N, Q, R - 15 minutes to Times Square/ Theaters) The apartment is spacious with plenty of light and minimum street noise. Rooms are quite large. It is also nicely furnished with plenty of linens and adequate kitchen utensils. Bathroom is very good.
    Greta is a no nonsense landlord who may come across as overly professional but thats what you need when you rent in New York City. You want a landlord who is meticulous, frank, and totally trustworthy. I will rent from her again and again. Gabe

  • Fidelma  Profile

    Fidelma 06/26/2015

    I rented an apartment from Greta for 3 months March 27-June 27 2015 on East 58th street. It was a perfect location close to subway shops and restaurants. It was safe with very helpful doormen. There is a full laundry in the basement of the complex. Walking to Broadway and off broadway shows was easy, most within 20 minutes walk. 10 minutes to beautiful Central Park and 20 minutes to Lincoln center. Greta was most helpful and attended to any of my queries in a very timely fashion. All in all I had a wonderful New York experience in a great part of the city.

  • Allen & Overy Recruitment Profile

    Allen & Overy Recruitment 05/10/2013

    I had a commitment to rent one of her apartments months in advance for a summer rental. One week prior to move-in she told me the apartment was no longer available. When I called her to discuss why she did this-she hung up the phone on me and took it off the hook.

  • Kiplin  Profile

    Kiplin 01/16/2013

    Terrible experience! Will not deal with this landlord again and will not recommend the same to others. But if you still come across Greta, make sure that you have a document signed by her which clearly states the address of the apartment and the price. If you manage to get a few updated photos of the place out of this landlord, you have succeeded halfway!!! Pay attention that the same photos repeat from one of her properties to another. Do not commit until all your questions are answered, if, of course, you can stand the bizarre and rude attitude.

  • Leon  Profile

    Leon 10/16/2012

    The Landlord Greta, was a very efficient friendly person who tried very hard to make our stay as memorable as possible.
    She made sure the appartment was in excellent order when we arrived and was only tooo pleased to offer advice on shopping sightseeing etc. I would be happy to stay with her again. My wife and two adult children loved our stay the appartment was as it was represented on this site in a word exciting and in very good order

  • Mary  Profile

    Mary 09/21/2012

    I was totally frustrated trying to find accomodation for a stay in
    NYC. Having declined accomodation
    from Greta initially (as I thought it to be too expensive) I emailed
    her again and she immediately repsonded assuring me that she would
    find me a suitable place. She was true to her word. On arrival in NYC
    she was welcoming and was very helpful to us during our stay. She is a
    hard worker an goes out of her way to accomodate clients. She is
    direct and to the point so dont be put off by her blunt approach. She
    is really very kind!
    Sept 2012
    Mary (Ireland)

  • Joe  Profile

    Joe 09/10/2012

    This landlord was difficult to deal with and wouldnt speak with me over the phone. I would not recommend this landlord.

  • Greg Josephs Profile

    Greg Josephs 09/05/2012

    I dont know what this landlords apartments are like because i could not get past 3 sentences with her. She was very hyper and aggressive, and would not give me chance to even tell her what apartments i was interested in as she would interrupt me when while I was attempting to provide her my specifications. She seemed to be panicking about the US open and UN week.... Good luck to anybody who deals with her.

  • lourdes  Profile

    lourdes 07/26/2012

    We had the best experience ever with Greta. She provided us the best service there is , excellent, everythig was perfect not to mention the magical view. Our experience was like a dream come true.
    Thank you Greta we look forward renting regular basis your apartments.
    and thank you sublet for having provided us such an excellent landlord.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 05/23/2012

    After a very bad experience with another landlord, I needed to move urgently. This helped me to meet Margaretha, a very nice and kind woman, owner of this and other apartments in NYC. This is a wonderful place, with amazing views of the city from huge windows at 52nd level. We found a very clean apartment, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, a full equipped kitchen and a big living room with dining area. All you need is here. Free internet and local calls. I highly recommend this landlord, not only by her properties but also with her kindness.

  • Brian  Profile

    Brian 04/03/2012

    The landlord was impolite over the phone.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 10/11/2011

    i met Greta one year ago,i was looking for apartment and send about 5 emails to a different landlords,but nobody respond,i finally give up then she send me an email,she was very nice to me , i was asking to call her and we set up a day when i can see the place,NO deposit which is great for me and i am sure for every one!
    one year left and i never turn my head to other landlord,this is my 3rd time renting a place from Greta and NO problem,i read reviews someones told she was rude,but i dont agree,i have no problem with her at all!!!
    i recommended Greta to everyone who needs apartment on emergency based and for any case!

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 10/11/2011

    I found Greta to be direct, honest, accomodating and very helpful. She has gone out of her way to help me when my schedule changed several times, and I highly reccomend her. She is NO games, and bluntly honest...dont be upset, be happy someone tells you the truth right away. Greta is a rare and wonderful find.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 10/02/2011

    I read the reviews on Greta, and chose to call her anyway. I found her to be very up front, and quite blunt. I expected that, and I actually appreciated it. I am scheduled to meet with her, and pay for the apt I am renting. She was quick, efficient, and did everything she said she was going to do. I hope all goes well, and sometimes I know I can come across harsh, so thus far I would reccomend her. She went out of her way to help me, when I had a problem with plans. I am greatly appreciative.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 09/28/2011

    I rented from Greta on an emergency basis, when I needed to move in the same day I found the place. She was extremely accommodating and was able to get show me the place at lunchtime and get me in by that evening. The place was well maintained, if a little dated, but Greta went above and beyond to make it comfortable, even coming by to do the laundry. I would highly recommend renting from her.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 07/25/2011

    I saw the reviews for Greta. I went out of my way to be humble and polite. After a few emails I was completely fed up!

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 05/22/2011

    I contacted the landlord through to inquire about the rental and was told to email her directly. When not receiving a response, I messaged her again through and received an extremely rude and unpleasant response.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 12/09/2010

    Landlord was rude.

  • jim  Profile

    jim 11/28/2010

    Greta is impossible to work with and is rude. When I inquired of one of her properties, she repeatedly referred me to her other properties, refusing to schedule a viewing.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 10/24/2010

    Her harsh tone and comments in e-mails were extremely offensive. We chose not to rent from her.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 10/01/2010

    this woman is hard to work with!

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 09/09/2010

    Nasty woman... difficult to deal with. She scares tenants away.

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 06/01/2010

    This really doesnt have anything to do with the landlord, but my experience with the listing agent/broker was possibly one of the worst Ive ever had who in theory was trying to sell me something. When I called her cell phone (which was listed in this website) to discuss a possible rental, and asked for Greta, she responded who else would be answering the phone, she then proceeded to yell at me for not emailing her and then she hung up on me.

  • Vinnie  Profile

    Vinnie 01/04/2010

    Please verify rental type and all prices before staying at the apartment.