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  • Hirmansu  Profile

    Hirmansu 05/20/2017

    I lived here for 2 years. Moving back back to my country.

    The owners are good guys, really nice. I came from oversees and had to find a place asap. I could not come to see the property so we did everything through Skype, texting, email. Once I got to the States, the owners had my room ready, in GREAT condition and furnished. I did not have to do much to get situated. Property is nice, clean, and close to where I had to work. The bus lines are right across the street which was very convenient for me. I had no problems living here and I want to thank owners for a pleasant stay. I recommend this property very highly.

  • Jacob  Profile

    Jacob 10/14/2016

    I was really impressed with the building and much appreciated the way the property was maintained.
    I was pleased with the excellent and prompt response anytime there was an issue....
    I cannot express how pleased I am with the choice that I made to live here. I can recommend this property with no hesitation.

  • Cindy  Profile

    Cindy 08/07/2014

    I lived here for almost 3 years. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. Every time there was an issue the owner took care of it immediately. The neighborhood is warm and friendly, I can walk home after a night out and not worry that I am going to get mugged. There is always parking available. I am sorry to be moving on as I got spoiled by owners that are attentive and take really good care of their tenants and the property.....HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE !

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 10/16/2011

    I was here for a year. No issues to report. Owner was cool, fixed stuff promply when notified. Apt was in great condition. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!!!!

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 08/08/2010

    We would highly recommend this place. We are 3 medical students that were here for 10 months. The place is furnished, clean, safe and close to transportation. We did not get to see the apt before we arrived, everything was done by e-mail, pictures, and pay pal. The owner made us feel comfortable with the process and it everything worked out very well !!!

  • Teirra  Profile

    Teirra 05/24/2010

    I have been here for one year. Great apartment. Property is in a good location, no safety issues for women( i.e. you can walk around at night) Would highly recommend this place.

  • Teirra  Profile

    Teirra 07/09/2009

    I lived here for one year. I was from Florida and did not know anyone in NY. This place in brand new, it is in excellent condition. No bugs or rodent problems. Rooms are pristine, and everything is already hooked up and running, i.e Time Warner,internet. This was important for me because I had only one day from move in date, to get ready for work the next day and was grateful that I didnt have to wait for the internet to be "set" up etc.... The location was in a very nice area and not the ghettos. Owners are cool.

  • Teirra  Profile

    Teirra 07/08/2009

    I was new to New York, my original housing fell through and I went to check out this place. The owners were really nice people. They had extra furniture for me since I only came with the bare necessities. They showed me around and got me situated.

    The enviroment and area was very safe for me being new to NY and a female. I can walk to the subways and night and its totally cool... I signed a 1 year contract right away !!!!!

  • Teirra  Profile

    Teirra 07/02/2009

    This person is extremely professional and very courteous. The property itself is GORGEOUS!!! The owners take very good care of the property. Any problem that I had was taken cared of fast... I had a great year here!!!

  • Tenant Profile

    Tenant 12/01/2009

    I highly recommend this place. This is a very nice block in the neighborhood. Over all my experience was very good! Owners are nice people. Apt was in excellent condition. Well maintained. I have no complaints.