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West Virginia State Information

West Virginia is located in the Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. West Virginia has 41st rank in size. The State total area is 24,230 sq mi. The state total population is 1,819,777 as per 2009 estimation. West Virginia has 37th rank in population. The state nickname is The Mountain State. State capital city and also largest city is Charleston. West Virginia's official language is English. West Virginia bordered on the north by Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, south and east by Virginia and west by Kentucky and Ohio. The state total boundary length is 1,180 mi. West Virginia has humid continental climate. The state has humid summers and milder winters. Total forest land covered by West Virginia is 12.1 million acres. The West Virginia is encouraging the professional management of its forests. West Virginia has 46th rank among the 50 states in agriculture. The state leading agricultural products are hay, bushels, apples and tobacco. In West Virginia major industrial areas are the Kanawha, Ohio and Monongahela valleys and the eastern panhandle. West Virginia is a top coal-producer in United States.

West Virginia State Recreation, Culture and Attractions

West Virginia has many recreational areas. The State's recreational area is Gauley River National Recreation Area. Charleston is the West Virginia's cultural center. It is home to the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. The Mountain Cultural Arts Center hosts an annual Appalachian String Band Festivals. It is located at Clifftop in Fayette County. The state is conducting music festivals. West Virginia's longest running music festival is the Daily Mail Kanawha County Majorette and Band Festival. West Virginia has many attractions. The State's major attractions are Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, New River Gorge National River, the Naval Telecommunications Station at Sugar Grove and White Sulphur Springs, a popular mountain golfing resort. West Virginia has no major league professional teams. But there are many minor league teams. There are baseball teams in Charleston, Bluefield and Princeton and also there is a minor league hockey in Wheeling. In 1942 the West Virginia University's basketball team won a National Invitation Tournament championship.

West Virginia State Demographics

West Virginia total population - 1,808,344
West Virginia male population - 879,170
West Virginia female population - 929,174
West Virginia white population - 1,718,777
West Virginia black population - 57,232
West Virginia American Indian and Alaska Native - 3,606
West Virginia Asian population - 9,434
West Virginia Hispanic or Latino population - 12,279

West Virginia School Information

West Virginia school education system is managed by the West Virginia Department of Education. In West Virginia each county constitutes a school district. The State's Board of Education is established in the West Virginia Constitution. Board of Education is supervising 834 elementary and secondary schools. The State Board of Education also has general control, supervision and management of the business and educational affairs of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind in Romney. West Virginia has many collages and universities. The state supports West Virginia University, Marshall University and the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies.

West Virginia State Symbols

West Virginia State nickname - Mountain State, Panhandle State
West Virginia state Flag
West Virginia state Flag
West Virginia state Slogan
West Virginia state Slogan
Wild and Wonderful
West Virginia state Song
West Virginia state Song
The West Virginia Hills
West Virginia state Motto
West Virginia state Motto
Montani semper liberi
West Virginia state Fossil
West Virginia state Fossil
Jefferson's ground sloth
West Virginia state Mammal
West Virginia state Mammal
Black bear
West Virginia state Fish
West Virginia state Fish
Brook trout
West Virginia state Flower
West Virginia state Flower
West Virginia state Insect
West Virginia state Insect
European honey bee
West Virginia state Tree
West Virginia state Tree
Sugar Maple
West Virginia state Soil
West Virginia state Soil
West Virginia state Bird
West Virginia state Bird
Northern Cardinal
West Virginia state Reptile
West Virginia state Reptile
Timber rattlesnake
West Virginia state Fruit
West Virginia state Fruit
Golden Delicious

West Virginia State History

The area is now known as West Virginia was once a favorite hunting ground of numerous Native American peoples before the arrival of European settlers. Although the little is known about these civilizations, the artifacts uncovered in these give evidence to a complex, stratified culture that practiced metallurgy. From 1607 to 1776 the state was originally part of the British Virginia Colony. The Adena Indians used the pipes for ceremonies. The smoking of tobacco became more common during the Late Prehistoric period. In 1671 General Abram Wood, under the direction of Royal Governor William Berkeley of the Virginia Colony sent a party which discovered Kanawha Falls. Thomas Batts and Robert Fallam explored New River and gave England a claim to the Ohio Valley. In 1661 Charles II of England granted the land between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers known as the Northern Neck to a company of gentlemen. The grant eventually came into the possession of Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron. In 1746 state was winning dispute over the state of Virginia. The Crown Governor of Virginia John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, led a force over the mountains in 1774. The Western Virginia social conditions were entirely unlike those exists in the eastern portion of the state. In 1850?51 a constitutional convention met the west's political demands but exacerbated economic differences. West Virginia was one of the Civil War Border states. This is the only state in the Union to secede from a Confederate state during the American Civil War.

West Virginia State Tourist Information

Annually almost 23.9 million travelers visited West Virginia. West Virginia is a land of rich heritage, beauty and warm hospitality. West Virginia's major attractions are Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, New River Gorge National River, the Naval Telecommunications Station at Sugar Grove and White Sulphur Springs, a popular mountain golfing resort. The State has 37 state parks and the state forests are Cass Scenic Railroad. The State's spectacular mountains, swirling rivers and scenic countryside offer a welcome change of pace from the rush of everyday life.

West Virginia State Transportation

In West Virginia, highways are the backbone of transportation system. West Virginia has long been plagued by inadequate transportation. The state airports, railroads, and rivers complete the commercial transportation modes for West Virginia. The state is crossed by several interstate highways. State's railroads still play an important part in coal transportation. West Virginia has several notable tunnels and bridges. West Virginia's most famous of these is the New River Gorge Bridge.

West Virginia Taxes

West Virginia State Tax Rate Range Low 3.0% High 6.5%
West Virginia State Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate 10,000 - Highest flat rate 60,000
West Virginia State Personal Exemptions Single 2,000 - Married 4,000 ? Dependents ? 2,000
West Virginia State Sales Tax Rate on Food 6.0%, on Prescription Drugs 0%, on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
West Virginia State Total Tax on Gasoline 32.2%, on Diesel Fuel 32.2%
West Virginia State Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 55(¢ per pack)
West Virginia State Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.18($ per gallon)
West Virginia State Wine Excise Tax Rate $1.00($ per gallon)

West Virginia Universities

West Virginia University - 27,115 Students
Wheeling Jesuit University - 1,402 Students
Marshall University - 13,936 Students
West Liberty State College - 2,268 Students
University of Charleston - 1,202 Students
West Virginia Wesleyan College - 1,222 Students
Alderson Broaddus College - 747 Students
Shepherd University - 4,091 Students
Fairmont State University - 4,611 Students
Davis & Elkins College - 636 Students

West Virginia Religions

Christian - 75%
Protestant - 60%
Baptist - 30%
Methodist - 15%
Other Protestant/General Protestant - 15%
Non-denominational Christian - 7%
Roman Catholic - 8%
Not religious - 13%
A non-Christian religion - 4%

West Virginia Counties

Barbour County, West Virginia - Population 15,557
Berkeley County, West Virginia - Population 75,905
Boone County, West Virginia - Population 25,535
Braxton County, West Virginia - Population 14,702
Brooke County, West Virginia - Population 25,447
Cabell County, West Virginia - Population 96,784
Calhoun County, West Virginia - Population 7,582
Clay County, West Virginia - Population 10,330
Doddridge County, West Virginia - Population 7,403
Fayette County, West Virginia - Population 47,579
Gilmer County, West Virginia - Population 7,160
Grant County, West Virginia - Population 11,299
Greenbrier County, West Virginia - Population 34,453
Hampshire County, West Virginia - Population 20,203
Hancock County, West Virginia - Population 32,667
Hardy County, West Virginia - Population 12,669
Harrison County, West Virginia - Population 68,652
Jackson County, West Virginia - Population 28,000
Jefferson County, West Virginia - Population 42,190
Kanawha County, West Virginia - Population 200,073
Lewis County, West Virginia - Population 16,919
Lincoln County, West Virginia - Population 22,108
Logan County, West Virginia - Population 37,710
Marion County, West Virginia - Population 56,598
Marshall County, West Virginia - Population 35,519
Mason County, West Virginia - Population 25,957
McDowell County, West Virginia - Population 27,329
Mercer County, West Virginia - Population 62,980
Mineral County, West Virginia - Population 27,078
Mingo County, West Virginia - Population 28,253
Monongalia County, West Virginia - Population 81,866
Monroe County, West Virginia - Population 14,583
Morgan County, West Virginia - Population 14,943
Nicholas County, West Virginia - Population 26,562
Ohio County, West Virginia - Population 47,427
Pendleton County, West Virginia - Population 8,196
Pleasants County, West Virginia - Population 7,514
Pocahontas County, West Virginia - Population 9,131
Preston County, West Virginia - Population 29,334
Putnam County, West Virginia - Population 51,589
Raleigh County, West Virginia - Population 79,220
Randolph County, West Virginia - Population 28,262
Ritchie County, West Virginia - Population 10,343
Roane County, West Virginia - Population 15,446
Summers County, West Virginia - Population 12,999
Taylor County, West Virginia - Population 16,089
Tucker County, West Virginia - Population 7,321
Tyler County, West Virginia - Population 9,592
Upshur County, West Virginia - Population 23,404
Wayne County, West Virginia - Population 42,903
Webster County, West Virginia - Population 9,719
Wetzel County, West Virginia - Population 17,693
Wirt County, West Virginia - Population 5,873
Wood County, West Virginia - Population 87,986
Wyoming County, West Virginia - Population 25,708

West Virginia State Government

West Virginia State Government is divided into three branches. They are Legislative branch, Executive branch and judicial branch. The legislative office is rather a part-time position. Legislative branch is in session for 60 days between January and early April. Legislators gather the periodically when called by the governor. State Governor elected the four year term, the governor, who may serve no more than two terms in succession. The state highest court is Supreme Court. Supreme Court is made up of five justices they are elected 12-year terms. The court has broad discretionary appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases. The state is divided into 31 judicial circuits. Circuit judges are elected in partisan elections to serve eight-year terms. The state has 55 counties.

West Virginia State Economy

As of 2009 West Virginia economy rank was 62 by World Bank projections and 64th rank by International Monetary Fund projections. In World War I time industries maintain the importance in the state economy. The gross product of West Virginia in 2010 was $55.04 billion. The main income resources of West Virginia are farming, manufacturing, mining, forestry, tourism and services. The main farming crops of West Virginia are broilers, cattle, calves, eggs, turkeys, sheep, lambs, hogs, honey, wool, hay, corn, peaches and wheat. West Virginia has two third land is forest and that Lumber is also main income of state. The main manufacturing resources of West Virginia are raw materials, chemicals and Lumber. The mined items of West Virginia are coal, natural gas, petroleum, crushed stone and salt. Government services, trading, business, personal and tourism are the main services of West Virginia.

West Virginia State Parks

Appalachian National Scenic Trail - Maine to Georgia, CT,GA,MA,MD,ME,NC,NH,NJ,NY,PA,TN,VA,VT,WV: There are no fees required. Bluestone National Scenic River - Athens, Pipestem, and Hinton, WV: There are no entrance fees. The park is open year round. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park - Potomac River, DC, MD and WV: There are collect the entrance fees. The park is open during daylight hours. Gauley River National Recreation Area - Summersville, WV: There are no entrance or user fees. The area is open year round. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park - Harpers Ferry, WV: The Park is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. New River Gorge National River - Hinton, Beckley, Glen Jean, and Fayetteville, WV: There are no entrance fees. The park is open year-round. Closing days are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. The visitors Centers are open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Wheeling National Heritage Area - Wheeling, WV: There are no fees.