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Vermont rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Vermont. Common rental types found in Vermont are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Vermont where housing rentals are found are Southern Vermont, Central Vermont, Northern Vermont, All Cities. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Vermont.

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Vermont Information

Vermont is the 2nd largest of the six New England states. It is located on the northeastern side of US. Vermont has rank 43rd in size among the 50 United States. Vermont total area is 9250 sq m. The state total population is 621,760 as per 2009 estimation. Vermont has 45th rank in population. The state nickname is The Green Mountain State. State capital city is Montpelier and largest city is Burlington. Vermont bordered on the north by Canadian province of Quebec, east by New Hampshire west by New York and south by Massachusetts. Vermont State?s total boundary length is 561 mi. Vermont has humid continental climate. Winters are generally colder and summer nights are cooler in the higher elevations. The annual snowfall averages between 60-100 inches depending on elevation. Total forest land is covered by 4,618,000 acres. The largest forest reserve in Vermont is the Green Mountain National Forest. It is managed by the US Forest Service. Agriculture is directly or indirectly supports the state's economy. More than 88% of that came from livestock and livestock products. Dairy farming is the primary source of agricultural income. Annually the average dairy form produced 1.3 million pounds of milk. Vermont leading products are corn, hay and apples. Manufacturing is the important and growing part of Vermont's economy and they are artisan foods, fancy foods and novelty items. Vermont is the 17th highest state in the nation for mortgage affordability in 2007.

Vermont Recreation, Culture and Attractions

Vermont people believe life should be pure and simple. They want to share with the world information about Vermont. Vermont has many popular attractions and shopping places. Vermont has 52 state parks and over 100 campgrounds. Summer is the most popular season for visitors in Vermont. Vermont has no major league professional sports team. The state?s popular sports are Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Snowsports. Vermont Lake Monsters is the largest professional franchise. Skiing is perhaps the most popular participating sport in Vermont. Vermont ski areas have hosted national and international ski competitions in both Alpine and Nordic events. The University of Vermont sports teams draw the largest following and are the most beloved sports teams in the state.

Vermont Demographics

Vermont total population - 608,827
Vermont male population - 298,337
Vermont female population - 310,490
Vermont white population - 589,208
Vermont black population - 3,063
Vermont American Indian and Alaska Native - 2,420
Vermont Asian population - 5,217
Vermont Hispanic or Latino population - 5,504

Vermont School Information

Vermont State is a smartest state in education in the period of 2005 and 2006. Vermont State has five colleges within the Vermont State College system. The University of Vermont is a state-supported institution combining features of both the private and state facility. The state college system includes colleges at Castleton. The state?s co-education collages are founded in 1800. The Saint Michael's College, the Vermont Law School and Norwich University are the oldest private military college in the United States and birthplace of ROTC. They are founded in the year of 1819. University of Vermont is the oldest higher educational institution in the state founded in 1791.

Vermont State Symbols

Vermont state Flag
Vermont state Flag
Vermont state Slogan
Vermont state Slogan
The Green Mountain State
Vermont state Song
Vermont state Song
These Green Mountains
Vermont state Motto
Vermont state Motto
Freedom and Unity
Vermont state  Mammal
Vermont state Mammal
Morgan horse
Vermont state Flower
Vermont state Flower
Red clover
Vermont state Cold Water Fish
Vermont state Cold Water Fish
Brook trout
Vermont state  Warm Water Fish
Vermont state Warm Water Fish
Vermont state Insect
Vermont state Insect
Vermont state Tree
Vermont state Tree
Sugar maple
Vermont state Soil
Vermont state Soil
Vermont state Bird
Vermont state Bird
Hermit thrush
Vermont state  Fruit
Vermont state Fruit
Vermont state Fossil
Vermont state Fossil
Beluga Whale
Vermont state Reptile
Vermont state Reptile
Painted turtle

Vermont History

The Native Americans are migrated from the 8th millennium BC to 1000 BC. The land now known as Vermont was first seen by Europeans on July 30th, 1609. The Vermont region was explored and claimed for France by Samuel de Champlain in 1609. In 1724 the first permanent British settlement was established. France's loss in the French and Indian War and the 1763 Treaty of Paris gave control of the land to the British. In this war ending Vermont brought the new settlers. On 1775 there is a Revolutionary War. In January 18th 1777, Vermont became the first state to outlaw slavery. On 16 August 1777, Vermont contingent routed German detachments sent by British General Burgoyne. The anniversary of the battle is still celebrated in Vermont as a legal holiday. During the July 7th, 1777 the Battle of Hubardton was the only battle fought in the territory. From the period of 1785-1788 the independent state of Vermont issued its own coinage. During the American Civil War the state sent more than 34,000 men into United States service. On December 18th 1880 election women were allowed to vote for the first time. Vermont had the nation's highest percentage of women in its state legislature. Vermont has seen many changes during the last half of the 20th century.

Vermont Tourist Information

Tourism is a major industry in Vermont. The tourism industry supports many jobs in the state. Vermont State has many resorts, hotels, restaurants and shops designed to attract tourists year-round and employ many people. The State?s tourist attractions are state parks, historic sites, museums, golf courses and new boutique hotels. In winter season the ski resorts Burke Mountain, Stowe, Smugglers' Notch, Killington Ski Resort, Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Stratton, Jay Peak, Okemo, Suicide Six, Mount Snow and Bromley host skiers from around the globe although their largest markets are Boston, Montreal and New York metropolitan areas. In summer season resort towns like Stowe, Manchester, Quechee, Wilmington and Woodstock host visitors.

Vermont Transportation

Vermont railroads are served by Amtrak. Two Amtrak trains serve Vermont. Ten railroads were operating within the state in 2000. Vermont is served by two commercial airports. The largest airport of Vermont is Burlington International Airport. This is the state's major air terminal. Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport has regular flights to Boston. Vermont has 2,843 miles of highways under its control.

Vermont Taxes

Vermont State Tax Rate Range Low 3.6% High 9.5%
Vermont State Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate 32,550 (u) - Highest flat rate 357,700 (u)
Vermont State Personal Exemptions Single 3,500 (d) - Married 7,000 (d) ? Dependents ? 3,500 (d)
Vermont State Sales Tax Rate on Food 4.65%, on Prescription Drugs 0%, on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
Vermont State Total Tax on Gasoline 20.0%, on Diesel Fuel 26.0%
Vermont State Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 179(¢ per pack)
Vermont State Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.265($ per gallon)
Vermont State Wine Excise Tax Rate $0.55($ per gallon)

Vermont Universities

Middlebury College - 2,406 Students
University of Vermont - 11,870 Students
Marlboro College - 337 Students
Bennington College - 657 Students
Champlain College - 2,742 Students
New England Culinary Institute at Essex - 222 Students
Norwich University - 3,104 Students
Vermont Technical College - 1,454 Students
Castleton State College - 2,130 Students
Lyndon State College - 1,410 Students

Vermont Religions

Christian - 55%
Roman Catholic - 26%
Protestant - 29%
United Church of Christ - 6%
Methodist - 6%
Episcopal - 4%
Other Christian - 4%
Baptist - 3%
Other Protestant - 2%
Assemblies of God - 1%
Evangelical - 1%
Seventh-day Adventist - 1%
Non-Denominational - 1%
Other religions - 4%
No religion - 34%
Declined to answer - 6%

Vermont Counties

Addison County, Vermont - Population 35,974
Bennington County, Vermont - Population 36,994
Caledonia County, Vermont - Population 29,702
Chittenden County, Vermont - Population 146,571
Essex County, Vermont - Population 6,459
Franklin County, Vermont - Population 45,417
Grand Isle County, Vermont - Population 6,901
Lamoille County, Vermont - Population 23,233
Orange County, Vermont - Population 28,226
Orleans County, Vermont - Population 26,277
Rutland County, Vermont - Population 63,400
Washington County, Vermont - Population 58,039
Windham County, Vermont - Population 44,216
Windsor County, Vermont - Population 57,418

Vermont State Government

Vermont State Government divided into three branches. They are legislative, executive and judicial branches. Vermont State Constitution was adopted in 1777. The governorship and the General Assembly serve two-year terms including the governor and 30 senators. There are no term limits. All legislators are elected to two-year terms. A governor must have been a state resident for at least four years prior to election. Vermont has 14 counties and 47 municipal governments. Counties and county seats are merely convenient repositories for various government services such as County and State Courts. The State?s highest court is Supreme Court. All judges are appointed by the governor to six-year terms.

Vermont State Economy

Vermont gross product was $26 billion in 2010. The Vermont income based on before World War 2 mainly agriculture after world war the income mainly based on manufacturing and tourism. The Vermont agricultural outputs are cattle, calves, eggs, turkeys, hogs, honey, hay, apples, sweet corn and oats. Electrical and computer devices and food items are the outputs of Vermont's manufacturing. The Vermont state main mined items are stone, asbestos, sand and gravel, and talc. Tourism takes important place in Vermont economy. The Vermont services are community, business, personal, finance, insurance, trading and real estate.

Vermont State Parks

Appalachian National Scenic Trail - Maine to Georgia, CT,GA,MA,MD,ME,NC,NH,NJ,NY,PA,TN,VA,VT,WV: There are no fees required. But there are fees for vehicle parking in some areas. It is open continuously year-round. May be it is closed in winter months depending on weather conditions. Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park - Woodstock, VT: There are colleted fee, $8.00 for adults (16-61) $4.00 for seniors (62 and over), Free for children (15 and under). It is open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.