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Salt Lake City Area Information

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Salt Lake City Area Information

Salt Lake City is the largest, most populous and capital city in Utah. As of 2011 the Salt Lake City population is 1, 89,899. Brigham Young, Isaac Morley, George Washington Bradley and other Christian religious were located in 1847. Salt Lake City formal name was "Great Salt Lake City" and the formal name word great was discarded in 1868. Salt Lake City has main headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City is become a tourist industry and outdoor recreation. Salt Lake City is the one of the great banking industry in United States. Salt Lake City is situated northern Utah and between two mountains they are the Wasatch on the east and the west is Oquirrhs. Salt Lake City is situated in north central side of Utah. Salt Lake City is the great industrial, financial, and commercial place in Utah. Salt Lake City total area is 110.4 square miles, land area was 109.1 square miles and remaining 1.3 square miles are water. Salt Lake City is a fast growing city.

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      Salt Lake City Area Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Salt Lake is residence to many museums. The University of Utah campus is local to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Utah. Salt Lake also local to many standard movie theaters involving the Tower Theatre and now stopped Trolley Corners and Villa Theatre. In the year 1847 Salt Lake City is the residence of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The city has a local music scene conquered all variety of modern music's like hip hop, rock and roll etc.Downtown Salt Lake City pretends a number of familiar attractions. The construction of two theaters located in the area and a new theater with chairs capable of 2,400 and increased space for galleries and artists. The opening of the new amenities is predictable to match with the opening of the City Creek Center in 2011.Utah's Haggle Zoo gathers different type of foreign birds and animals in an ordinary setting includes a new elephants. Olympic Cauldron Park is a new and dazzling addition to the city. Salt Lake City is local to acclaimed cultural polymorphism, their eagerness for music and culture will not finish. Several downtown parks and plazas house free concerts and community festivals in summer months and ice-skating rinks during the winter. Most important games Soccer, baseball, hockey, and AFL football teams are familiar to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake is also the gateway to 10 national parks within a day's drive involving Bryce, Zion, and Yellowstone.

      Salt Lake City Area Demographics
Salt Lake City Area total population - 1,81,000
Salt Lake City Area male population - 92,000
Salt Lake City Area female population - 89,000
Salt Lake City Area White population - 75%
Salt Lake City Area Black population - 3%
Salt Lake City Area American Indian and Alaska Native population - 1%
Salt Lake City Area Asian population - 2%
Salt Lake City Area Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population - 2%
Salt Lake City Area two or more races population - 4%
Salt Lake City Area Hispanic or Latino origin population - 22%
Salt Lake City Area White persons not Hispanic population - 66%

      Salt Lake City Area symbols
Salt Lake City Area Nickname - "The Crossroads of the West"

Image of Salt Lake City Area flag

      Salt Lake City Area Education
In the Salt Lake Urban education is play main role. Pioneer Jane Dilworth detained the 1st class in her 10th for the youngsters of the 1st saint families in 1847.In 1851the local government agreed the 1st free school rule making the workplace of the supervisor of schools. Numerous great saint relations, such as Brigham Young's, took their individual schools, recognized as "family schools". For the reason of more birth amounts and big schoolrooms Utah invest a small amount per capita on scholars than some additional public. The main target is to communicate with the Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD), our advanced study organizations and the reserved segment provide base to the SLCSD. In 2006, the Salt Lake City Free Reading room was termed as "Library of the Year" by the USA Reading room committee. Generally LDS academies are present on religious-held assets behind to the free institutes and near to residency. The K-6 basic schools are 23, 7-8 medium schools are five , 9-12 high schools are 3 and an alternate high schools present inside the school area. No of Extensive schools are situated in the city, with Judge Memorial High School. Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School, recognized in 1867 by Episcopal Bishop Daniel Tuttle, is the zones of chief self-governing school. Postsecondary study choices in Salt Lake City comprise the College of Utah, Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College, Stevens-Henagar College, Eagle Gate College, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City and LDS Business College.

      Salt Lake City Area History
At the time of the start of Salt Lake City the valley was inside the province of the Northwestern Shoshone; any way, profession was seasonal, near deluge emptying from Canyons into the Salt Lake Valley. The land was treated by the United States as public domain; no indigenous title by the Northwestern Shoshone was ever familiar by the United States or annihilated by contract with the United States. In the years 1843 and 1845 John C. Fremont who was the army officer of U.S saved the vast Salt Lake and the Salt Lake Valley. The Salt Lake Temple built on the hunk of the Salt Lake and later named as Temple Square, time taken 40 years to complete the temple. In 1890, The LDS Church began their eventual rejection of having two spouses, Released "Manifesto", which officially recommended that members follow the law. Salt Lake City suited for capital. The Mormons migrated to the Salt Lake Valley subsequent religious conflicts and aggression. Salt Lake became one of the biggest cities in the Old West, even though the traditional Church values bucked the typical Old West trend of ungovernable towns, sheriffs, cowboys, brothels, and rowdy saloons.

      Salt Lake City Area Tourism
Salt Lake City Area has great history, recreation, art galleries, great culture and Utah's Wasatch Mountains. Salt Lake City is a fast growing city. Salt Lake City is situated in north side of Utah, east side Wasatch and west side Oquirrhs. Salt Lake City Area has a great Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The main tourism attractions of Salt Lake City are Clark Planetarium, Trolley Square, Heber Valley Historic Railroad, City Creek Center, Ballet West, Utah Opera Company, The Utah Symphony, Sandy City Amphitheater, Wheeler Historic Farm, Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake Art Center, Utah Olympic Oval, Red Butte Gardens, The Children's Museum of Utah, Cathedral of the Madeleine and The Living Planet Aquarium.

      Salt Lake City Area Transportation
Salt Lake City Area transportation system is bus, rail and air way. Salt Lake City Area has wide range of roads, light rail and commuter rail lines. Salt Lake City transportation system was organized by Utah Transit Authority. Salt Lake City Area airport is from 4 miles west of downtown. As of 2011 Salt Lake City's Brookings Institution rank was third in nation by transit system. Salt Lake City's TRAX has three lines for 35-mile rail system. The Salt Lake City's rail system has 41 stations. Salt Lake City's has two rail lines are underway they are Blue Line is from south into Draper and Green Line is from north-west to International Airport. The commuter rails are opened in April 26, 2008 and enlarge from the Interposal Hub north to Ogden. Utah's bus system expands to north side Wasatch Front from Brigham City to Antiquing in the south, west side Grantsville and east to Park City.

      Salt Lake City Area Universities
Salt Lake Community College,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 33,000 Students
Brigham Young University,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 34,000 Students
Westminster College (Utah),Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 2,000 Students
LDS Business College,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 1,000 Students
George Wythe University,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 150 Students
USU-Uintah Basin,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 1,000 Students
Dixie State College of Utah,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 6,000 Students
Weber State University,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 25,000 Students
USU-College of Eastern Utah,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 2,000 Students
Snow College,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 3,000 Students
Broadview University,Salt Lake City Area,Utah - 1,500 Students
University of Utah, Salt Lake City Area, Utah - 28,000 Students
University of Phoenix-Utah Campus, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area- 2,800 Students
Westminster College, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area- 2,800 Students
Davis Applied Technology College, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area - 2,700 Students
Latter Day Saints Business College,Salt Lake City Area, Utah City Area - 1,300 Students
Stevens-Henager College Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area - 800 Students
ITT Technical Institute-Murrayt Salt Lake City Area, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area-700 Students
Utah Career College, Salt Lake City Area , Utah Area - 500 Students
Eagle Gate College, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area- 300 Students
Paul Mitchell the School-Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area- 300 Students
AmeriTech College, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area- 300 Students
Utah Career College-Layton, Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area - 200 Students
Neumont University,Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area - 200 Students
Everest College-West Valley City,Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area - 100 Students
Utah College of Massage Therapy Inc,Salt Lake City Area, Utah Are - 100 Students
Fran Brown College of Beauty,Salt Lake City Area, Utah Area - 100 Students

      Salt Lake City Area Tourist Attractions
Temple Square
Clark Planetarium
Cathedral of the Madeleine
Ballet West
Salt Lake Art Center
Utah Symphony
Gateway shopping mall
Kingsbury Hall
Abravanel Hall
Babcock Theater
Pioneer Memorial Theater
Off Broadway Theater

      Salt Lake City Area Museums
BYU Museum of Art
Utah Museum of Fine Art
Children's Museum
Museum of Church History and Art
Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum
Springville Museum of Art
Distinctive African American Art

      Salt Lake City Area Parks
Arches National Park
Bryce National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Grand Staircase Escalante National Park
Zion National Park
Antelope Island State Park
Cherry Hill Waterpark
Wheeler Historic Farm
Seven Peaks Waterpark
Lagoon Park

      Salt Lake City Area Taxes
Salt Lake City Area Real & Personal Property Tax Interest Rate - 7.00%
Salt Lake City Area sales Tax - 7%
Salt Lake City service Tax -15%
Salt Lake City income Tax - 5%

      Salt Lake City Area Religious
Salt Lake City Catholic population - 6.54%
Salt Lake City LDS population - 53.25%
Salt Lake City Baptist population - 0.67%
Salt Lake City Episcopalian population - 0.43%
Salt Lake City Pentecostal population - 0.57%
Salt Lake City Lutheran population - 0.63%
Salt Lake City Methodist population - 0.48%
Salt Lake City Presbyterian population - 0.37%
Salt Lake City Other Christian population - 1.21%
Salt Lake City Jewish population - 0.43%
Salt Lake City Eastern population - 0.04%
Salt Lake City Islam population - 0.39%

      Salt Lake City Area Government
Since 1979 Salt Lake City had an independent mayor-council form of government. The mayor and 7 councilors are nominated for four-year term. Mayoral elections will be done in the same year as of the three councilors. The remaining four councilors are speeded out 2 years from the mayoral. Each councilor represents nearly 26,000 citizens. Labor politics do not play major role. The city has two nominated explicit gay women and an explicit gay man, representing the city in the State House and legislature. The city's political demographics are moderate and independent. At Salt Lake City Government, we are dedicated to make digital right of entry to the information, City services and nominated officials as easy and capable as possible.

      Salt Lake City Area Geography
The whole valley lies on the same network system. Major streets are laid out specifically in a row north-south or east-west. The beginning of the network is situated in city center on the south-east curve of Temple Square. A different network alternate is established in the North East curve of Salt Lake City and is known as the Avenues. Significant neighborhoods in SLC involves city center, the economic center that's local to Temple Square Central City, the important housing area of the city, approximately 400 S to 900 S. Salt Lake City has a total area of 110.4 square miles and an average elevation of 4,327 feet above sea level.

      Salt Lake City Area Economy
The current economy of Salt Lake City is service-oriented. In the earlier period steel, mining and railway and roadway operations gave a strong grip for income with alliance Mines, Geneva Steel, Bingham valley Mine, and oil refineries. The city's main industries are government, trade, transportation, utilities, specialized and business sectors. The city is also called as the "Crossroads of the West" for its essential geography in the western United States. Bingham Canyon Mine gave a strong source of income in the 19th century; the city has moderate to an economy built on transfer focal points, call centers, and seasonal sightseeing. The 2002 Olympic cold Games gave a great power to the area's economy. Salt Lake City is also the biggest industrialized banking area in the United States.

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