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Wales Information
Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and is located in a wide peninsula in the western portion of the island of Great Britain and its borders shared the east by England to be west by Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. Wales has the northern temperate zone and a changeable aquatic climate. After the Roman revolution from Britain in the 5th century Welsh national uniqueness remains between Celtic Britons, Wales is appreciation as one of the modern Celtic nations. Knowing the whole of Wales and England and the English legal system incorporated under the Laws in Wales for the period of 1535-1542. Wales and the rest of Great Britain, it shares a close political and social history and basically everyone speaks English, but the country is officially bilingual has restrained a distinct cultural identity.
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Wales Recreation Culture and Attractions
Wales has its own language, customs, holidays and music has an individual culture. Especially music is a deep and rich cultural heritage in Wales. Welsh culture and the Welsh language alive centuries-old folk heritage of poetry and music that helped make it. Remnants of the native Celtic conviction of the pre-Christian Britons by cynfeirdd and they are writing number of altered forms for the next generation. Wales's residents are conduct number of festivals, including Saint David, Dewi Sant in Wales. St David's Day, some argue that it should be constitute a public holiday in Wales, which is celebrated on 1 March. Wales is often called "the land of song" and its harpists, male choirs, and solo artists recognized. Traditional music and dance in Wales is sustained by a number of communities. One of the oldest unbroken literary traditions in Europe, it is not possible to say that Wales. After the Second World War, several Welsh poets and writers in the English language came to note. Morriston Orpheus was larger and more experienced choirs around the country, including Cardiff's St David's Hall, to maintain cultural venues. Approximately 72% of the population is the Christians largest religion in Wales in 2001 declaring with the Christian religion. Of those involved in opposing sports, and select and manage on behalf of their country against other countries fixtures international events or manage individuals or teams. Over all fifty national governing bodies are managing and control for sports in Wales. Football is the most popular in North Wales, rugby union symbol of Welsh identity and a communication of national consciousness of the time.

Wales Demographics
Wales Total Population is 3,063,000
Wales British Population is 2,855,400
Wales Irish Population is 14,000
Wales Irish Traveller/Gypsy Population is 2,700
Wales Other White Population is 56,000
Wales Indian Population is 17,000
Wales Pakistani Population is 12,000
Wales Bangladeshi Population is 10,000
Wales Chinese Population is 13,600
Wales Asian Other Population is 16,000
Wales Caribbean Population is 12,000
Wales African Population is 3,000
Wales Other Black Population is 2,000
Wales Caribbean Population is 11,000
Wales African Population is 4,000
Wales Asian Population is 9,000
Wales Other Mixed Population is 7,000
Wales Arab Population is 9,000
Wales Any other ethnic group Population is 5,000

Wales Education
Education is an important to us in Wales, it was developed distinct education in the city. St Illtud was the first university in Britain in the 6th century Glamorgan, South Wales on the shore of the considered. Education is obligatory within the ages of 5 and 16 in Wales, and we are more about providing free education to students in public schools in 1900. Formal education before the 18th century was the conserve of the elite. A number of foreign students joined in our private fee-paying schools. In the 19th century, increased involvement in education, Wales country mainly Welsh-speaking and non-conformist population is unbalanced due to the economic expansion in the south, but the culture that the English were forced to follow an educational system. The Welsh Department for the Board of Education, which gave Wales its first substantial educational devolution followed in 1907. Today large and diverse range of students in Wales, there are 12 universities and 25 colleges and institutions of education.

Wales Symbols

Image of Wales Flag

Image of Wales Motto

Image of Wales Anthem
Wales Flag
Wales Motto
Cymru am byth (Wales for ever)
Wales Anthem
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

Image of Wales Bird

Image of Wales Animal

Image of Wales Flower
Wales Bird
Red Kite
Wales Animal
Red Dragon
Wales Flower

Image of Wales Tree
Wales Tree
Sessile Oak

Wales History
The history of Wales established with the arrival of humans thousands of years ago in this area. Neanderthals for at least 230,000 years ago Welsh in Wales now or what lived Cymru. Continuous human abode dates from the end of the last ice age, between 12,000 and 10,000 years before present (BP), Mesolithic hunter-gatherers from central Europe began to shift to Great Britain. The Romans began their occupation of Britain in AD 43 as opposed to 48 in the first Deceangli the campaign is now north-east Wales, and 79 in the region with total control over Ordovices. The probe began after the British language and culture, there are number of special committees were established. Wales during Roman times, the number of states in the region are now posted. King is recognized as one of the most powerful ruler of the Britons and some of the rulers of the other Welsh territories and the West of England, their control has been extended, however, no one is in the long-term consolidation of Wales. Early historians in the 6th century including cleric Gildas several medieval royal dynasties the Foundation was determine 383 significant place in the history of Welsh as described in the literature. The collapse of Roman rule in 400 years, it is difficult to interpret in the history of Wales. After the Roman separation from Britain in AD 410 much of the lowlands of Britain to the east and south east, replacing the various Germanic peoples. Now the 6th and 7th centuries, a resurgent late 7th century Mercia West Midlands who had lost a lot of development Powys checked Mercian. The southern and eastern parts of Great Britain lost to English settlement of Mercia originally referred and it is known in Welsh as Lloegyr of England may be forced to see. In the 18th century, most of Wales, nonconformist religion often led to the Welsh Methodist revival in the country and saw the commencement of the industrial revolution, the impact of the two changes. Experience as a result of rapid industrialization and the coal and iron industries, explosive population increased dramatically during the 19th century. Increase in nationalist inclination and interest in self-determination but these industries began on 20th century. Wales in the first quarter of the 20th century has also been a change in the political landscape. Despite economic growth in the first two decades of the 20th century, from the early 1920s until the 1930s, Wales' staple industries encourage the South Wales Valleys widespread unemployment and poverty can lead to long-term decline. By the end of 1960 disadvantaged areas of Wales through financial incentives to companies that take a regional approach, once proven successful in many fields of industrial land.

Wales Tourism
There are 8,078,900 visitors to National Trust Wales and the Welsh tourist board seats in 2002, visit the materialize tourist destinations. There are most popular activities for tourists in the mountains in Wales, shopping, hiking walking and historical attractions, museums and galleries in the fandom. Tourism majority though UK is in the other parts. Wales's industrial past has focused largely in the Welsh Life Museum of the year, attracted over 600,000 visitors the most popular tourist attraction in Wales. Wye Valley's particular attraction is the view of the river and the number of guidebooks recent images and movies up the valley in 1822 and a rail line to a new beginning of the construction of a turnpike road in a continuous steady flow of visitors to the increase in 1865.

Wales Transportation
South Wales, the main road artery linking cities and other establishment is the M4 motorway in the region. It was canceled in London, and southern England provides a link. Cardiff International Airport is the only large and international airport in Wales. Europe, Africa, and North American destinations, providing the links, it's in the Vale of Glamorgan, approximately 12 miles (19 km) southwest of Cardiff city center. Parts of the British railway network controlled by the Welsh Assembly Government in Wales. Cardiff Central and Cardiff Queen Street are the busiest and the major hubs on the internal and national network stations are considered. Wales is prepared by four commercial ferry ports. Regular ferry services to Ireland operate from Holyhead, Pembroke and Fishguard.

Wales Universities
Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK - 30,900 Students
University of Glamorgan, Trefforest, Wales, UK - 21,400 Students
Swansea University, Swansea, UK - 18,000 Students
Bangor University, Bangor, Wales, UK - 16,600 Students
Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom - 15,000 Students
Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, Wales - 11,000 Students
University of Wales, Newport, United Kingdom - 9500 Students
University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, Carmarthen, London, Cardiff, Swansea - 8,500 Students
Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, UK - 8,900 Students
Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea, Wales, UK - 5,700 Students
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff, Wales - 600 Students
University of South Wales, Trefforest, Cardiff, Newport, Wales, UK

Wales Tourist Attractions
The Aberystwyth Arts Centre
The Waterside Theatre
The Taliesin Arts Centre
Portmeirion Village
The National Library of Wales
Caerphilly Castle
Plas Newydd
Gelli Aur Country Park
Penrhyn Golf Complex

Wales Museums
National Museum Cardiff
National History Museum
National Coal Museum
National Waterfront Museum
National Wool Museum
National Slate Museum
National Roman Legion Museum

Wales Parks
Oakwood - Wales's largest white-knuckle theme park
Heatherton Country Sports Park
Manor House Wild Animal Park
Blue Lagoon Water Park
The Dinosaur Park
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Wales Religious
Wales Christian Population is 57.6%
Wales Muslim Population is 1.5%
Wales Hindu Population is 0.3%
Wales Sikh Population is 0.1%
Wales Jewish Population is 0.1%
Wales Buddhist Population is 0.3%
Wales Other religion Population is 0.4%
Wales No religion Population is 32.1%
Wales Not stated Population is 7.6%

Wales Government
Wales was ruled by the UK Government and the Secretary of State until 1999. National Assembly for Wales began in 1999. Decisions which will influence Wales Legislative Assembly elected 60 members made our political organization. They began in 2006 and won the award for its validated and green credentials in the Senedd building in Cardiff to meet. Responsible for Wales Office is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom. The members are drawn from the government and the Welsh Assembly Ministers, headed by First Minister of Wales. The Welsh Government is effective for policy and budget priorities and the legislature. In Wales they are not responsible for the infection process of the 40 elected members of the UK Parliament. A European level, we are members of the European Union's member countries and four elected by the European Parliament to produce law.

Wales Geography
Wales is a small country in the west of England and it is separated from the Cambrian Mountains in England. Geographically, it is a disproportionate-shaped peninsula that juts Irish Sea. It is a broad peninsula occupying the southwestern coast of Great Britain and it has several smaller islands, including the Isle of Anglesey. Wales is generally hilly country Snowdon range in the northern part of Mount Snowdon (3,560 ft, 1,085 m) the highest peak in Wales's ends. There are over three million people are living in Wales. The main populated and industrial area is Cardiff, our capital city in the name of New South Wales. North Wales is the land of mountains and lakes long mountain climbers, a wild and beautiful area popular with artists and tourists. Wales is the northern temperate zone, which is a changeable aquatic climate and is one of Europe's wettest countries. Welsh climate with warm summers and mild winters often clouds winds in the wet.

Wales Economy
The rest of the United Kingdom, the currency used in Wales '' symbol of the pound. Is the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is the main engine for growth in the Welsh economy and the wider South East Wales is an important service center for the financial system and the economic development. Agriculture is one of the major sectors in the country economy, 80% of the land is used for agricultural purposes in Wales. Usually domesticated animals, especially cattle and sheep, beef and dairy farming, crop farming is more important in Wales economy. Fishing industry is centered along the Bristol Channel. Mining is the main one in the Economy of Wales, is no longer in Wales is a major source of revenue or employment. Wales, the majority of which is imported metal ore refining, a diverse manufacturing sector has long been a major industry. Another major economic sectors are Oil refining and plastics, electronic equipment, synthetic fibers, and manufacture of automotive components. And automotive industries and sub-conferences is an important producer of Wales.

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