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U.A.E. rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of U.A.E.. Common rental types found in U.A.E. are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if U.A.E. where housing rentals are found are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Fujayrah, All Cities, Dubai, Ash Shariqah, Ras al Khaymah, Umm al Qaywayn. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of U.A.E..

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U.A.E. Information

The United Arab Emirates is the combination of seven states of the Arabian land having water in its surroundings located in southwest Asia with Abu Dhabi as the capital city. The oil and gas are the major resources of this country people. The petroleum, aluminum and cement are the major industries located here and some other industries like fertilizers, handicrafts and textiles are also here. Japan is the major trading partner of this country followed by South Korea. Present this country enjoy the great economy raised by oil, gas and date exports. This country has Federation government with proper powers. The UAE dirham is the currency used by this country people and its local time varies with GMT + 04:00. The official language of this country is Arabic and the calling code is represented as +971. The major industrial areas located in this country are Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Fishing and USA, EU and Japan are the major trading partners. This country is now enjoying with great economy gained from popular products exportation and popular as a tourist spot and it is placed as the third most re-export center.

U.A.E. Recreation, Culture and Attractions

The UAE recreation includes sports with in the pleasant areas like pools and beaches as well as most adventurous trips around the mountains and desert area. The Camel Racing is the most popular thing usually held and that became a part of their heritage and these races are usually held in winter season. The Ra's al-Khaimah is a race track is the most popular race track. The Car Rallying is the famous recreation sport and other things include motor sports, rally-driving are the most popular sports. The UAE has rich Islamic culture and great heritage and it attracts people along the world. Because of the Muslim majority this country adopts the Islamic tradition and culture. Even though it consists of Islamic culture this country have Hindu Temples, Sikh Gurdwara as well as Christian churches. This country has so many cultural things and restaurants. Shopping is the major attraction and this country has several large supermarkets located all around the country and it consists of quality products and fascinating things. The Lulu Hypermarket is the famous attraction of this country, here the tourist may observe many valuable things and is the most successful market.

U.A.E. Demographics

U.A.E Country Total Population - 4,975,593
U.A.E Country Male Population - 3,296,559
U.A.E Country Female Population - 1,501,932
U.A.E Country Emiri Population - 945,362
U.A.E Country Arab and Iranian Population - 1,144,386
U.A.E Country South Asian Population - 2,487,796
U.A.E Country other expatriates Population - 398,047

U.A.E. Education

The UAE education system is well developed in recent years. This country education system starts with primary education consisting of six years course structure is free and it also provide books and other services starting from six years. Arabic is the language used in the teaching process and some private schools used English as the teaching language after the Arabic. This country education mainly concentrated on primary education, coming to secondary education it consists 6 years of education in two stages. The Al 'Ayn is the UAE university offer high level education. The current education system consists of a four-tier structure having 14 years of education starting with the kinder garden usually from 4 to 5 years, primary education in between 6 and 11 years, intermediate education from 12 to 14 years and finally secondary education from 15 to 17 covering all four-tier architecture. In secondary level some scientific and technical courses are provided in English. By the government instruction only Arabic is used to teach the lessons but some private schools offer to teach lessons in other European and Asian languages. The general academic year starts with September and ends with June.

U.A.E. Symbols

U.A.E. state Flag
U.A.E. Flag
U.A.E. state Flower
U.A.E. Flower
'Tribulus omanense'
U.A.E. state Bird
U.A.E. Bird
U.A.E. state Animal
U.A.E. Animal
U.A.E. state Tree
U.A.E. Tree
Ghaf Tree
U.A.E. state Anthem
U.A.E. Anthem
Ishy Bilady

U.A.E. History

In earlier days of formation the United Arab Emirates was referred as Trucial Oman with the unification of seven emirates. In 1882 the British entered into this region and forms so many rules and were continued until the seven sheikhdoms administrators decided to establish the Trucial Council in 1952 and is the first step to form the federation with 7 emirates. At the time of 1958 in Abu Dhabi the oil explorations were found and in 1962 the emirates starts the commercial trading with large explores of oil. In 1968, January, the British government intended to withdraw the military protection from these emirates and then in March, the Trucial states decided to form the council of federation with neighborhood countries such as Bahrain and U.A.E but in 1971 these two states are separated from these emirates and form as an independent states. After separation of the two countries the six emirates intended to establish this as an independent state with their well designed constitution. In December 1971 the United Arab Emirates announced itself as a sovereign state with six emirates and the seventh one Ras-al-Khaimah is entered after in 1972. Sheikh Zayed was the first ruler of Abu Dhabi considered as first President of this federation. Present United Arab Emirates is the richest country among the region of Persian Gulf and this country have so many well equipped facilities and tourist attractions.

U.A.E. Tourism

The UAE has so many tourist attractions in order to attract the tourists and make this country as a wonderful tourist spot. This country is the combination of 7 self governing emirates each and every one is famous for its beauty. In recent years the UAE tourism grows rapidly due to the implementation of transportation services. So many neighborhood country people choose this as a great tourist spot because it has several recreational activities such as power boat races and sand skiing. So many sports tournaments like Golf tournament, polo and cricket competitions are conducted in this place. The Abu Dhabi Cultural Center is the most famous attraction because of this UAE becomes great tourist spot with in few months. The Khor harbor is a prominent International trading center. The Al Quwain's is a wonderful tourist place consists of long smooth beaches and is popular for riding and public horses. The Seneyah Island is a great attraction consists of various bird species, deer and Al Qaram trees. The Largest aqua park dreamland is the Worlds Largest Park attracts millions of people around the world. Because of the popular shopping centers and the fascinating night life this country became the popular tourist spot.

U.A.E. Transportation

The UAE has so many well equipped transportation facilities but the one and only disadvantage is still now it doesn't have rail ways. This country has total 1,088 kilometers (676 mi) of high ways and all are the paved run ways. It consists of pipeline services in which 830 kilometers are dedicated for Crude oil and 870 kilometers lines are dedicated for natural gas lines. The Ajman Port, Fujairah Port and Das Island are the major ports having the high capacity of goods carrier and Mina Jabal Al Dhanna in Abu Dhabi, Khawr Fakkan and Mina Al Hemreya are the popular harbors provides high means of transportation services. This country transportation includes 68 ships having the capacity of carrying the goods with 1,107,442 GRT/1,795,235 metric tons and in which 18 is used as a cargo, 8 are utilized as container and 27 are used as petrol tankers and 7 are utilized as roll-on and roll-off services. This country has total 40 airports in which 2 of them having international standards located in Dubai and in 48 airports only 22 consists the paved run ways and remaining are doesn't have well equipped lines. Some of the major and important goods are transported through Heliports and this country has 2 heliport services.

U.A.E. Taxes

U.A.E Country Residential Tax - 5%
U.A.E Country commercial premises Tax - 10%
U.A.E Country Hotel Service Tax - 5%
U.A.E Country luxury goods Tax - 10%
U.A.E Country Tobacco Tax - 50%

U.A.E. Universities

Abu Dhabi University, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates - 4,311 students
American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - 5,225 students
University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - 9,000 students
University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 2,812 students

U.A.E. Religions

U.A.E Muslim Population is 3,781,450
U.A.E Christian Population is 447,803
U.A.E other Population is 746,338

U.A.E. Provinces

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E - Population 1,559,000
Ajman, U.A.E - Population 237,000
Al-Fujayrah, U.A.E - Population 143,000
Ash-Shariqah, U.A.E - Population 946,000
Dubai, U.A.E - Population 1,596,000
Ras al-Khaymah, U.A.E - Population 231,000
Umm al-Qaywayn, U.A.E - Population 210,593

U.A.E. Government

The General name of U.A.E stands for the United Arab Emirates having the federation of emirates as a government consists of particular powers. This country has 7 emirates as administrative divisions in which Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai are the major emirates. This country got the independence on 2 December 1971 since now December 2nd is declared as a national holiday and the constitution was established in the same day but it is used from 1996. This country has a federal court system include criminal and high courts as the legal system. There are 3 branches mentioned under the government sector named as Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches. The President act as a head of the state, Vice President, Prime Minister act as a head of the government and Deputy Prime Minister are the part of members of Executive branch in which major sections nothing but the President and vice president are selected by the FSC is a group of seven electors and serve for five years term and the prime minister and deputy prime ministers are selected by the president. The unicameral Federal National Council is working under the Legislative branch with 40 seats in which the leaders are selected by the rulers of the constituent states and are serve for two years. Finally the Union Supreme Court is working as the part of judicial branch and the judges are appointed by the president. This country doesn't have the election process.

U.A.E. Geography

The UAE is originated in the region of Middle East having the total area of 77,700 square kilometers. It is the group of emirates in which Abu Dhabi is the largest one occupying 87 percent nothing but 67,340 square kilometers land area and Ajman is the smallest one having the area of 259 square kilometers. The UAE has a coast line length of 650 kilometers along the Persian Gulf in which major part consists of salt pans. The Dubayy has the largest harbor and other ports are located in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The UAE is also stretched 90 Km along the Oman Gulf area usually referred as the coast of Al Batinah. The Al Hajar al Gharbi is a mountain raised nearly 2,500 meters height separates Al Batinah coast from the UAE. Generally in south and west corners of Abu Dhabi have rolling sand beaches that merge the Saudi Arabia area. In general UAE is hot and especially in summer months started with July and ending with August have the temperatures of 48° C. In mountain areas particularly in Al Hajar al Gharbi Mountains have the cool surroundings. In January and February the temperatures are generally noticed in between 10° C and 14° C. In coastal areas the annual rainfall is noticed as 120 millimeters and in some mountain areas the rain fall is recorded as 350 millimeters.

U.A.E. Parks

The UAE has so many parks in which Sharjah National Park and Mushrif National Park are represented as national parks. The Sharjah National Park is the most largest and famous park occupying an area of 630,000 sq Mt. This park has a great maintenance of trees and widening space provides an extraordinary setting for a walk as well as a picnic spot. It consists of benches through out the park area and some areas provides cycling and rollerblading. It has so many other attractions include play areas and a duck pond makes this park as a family picnic spot. This park has shops that facilitate all things based on the visitors needs and this park has cycle track, horror tunnel and coffee shop which facilitate the most exciting and entertaining environment to the visitors. The cycle track consists of a horror tunnel with flash lights and an infrared beam to squirt water in order to provide thrilling experience to cyclists and cycling is the most entertaining as well as an exercise section. The Mushrif National Park is the other national park located in Dubai has the attractions of Upupa epops, Petronia xanthocollis and Sylvia hortensis. This park has rolling sandy area with desert occupying 100 ha designed with fencing in all sides in order to avoid the animals and it has a grass and wonderful pathways.

U.A.E. Economy

The UAE has a great economy in recent years in which major economy is gained from trading. The oil and gas are the major features of this country. The government tries to create more job opportunities and the expansion of infrastructure. The economic structure of this country is divided into several sectors, in which major economy nothing but 52% is gained from industries, 45% is raised from services and remaining is gained through agriculture. This country has total 1.4 million labor force in various sectors. The Emirati dirham is the currency of this country and the total capital income raised in this country is $6.5 billion and the total expenditures are $7.3 billion. The major industries located in this country are petroleum, fishing, and construction materials. The UAE produce 36.7 billion kWh electricity per annul used for its own needs. Dates, vegetables and watermelons are the major agricultural products cultivated here and some other products like dairy products, poultry, eggs and fish are usual available things. The oil, gas, dried fish and dates are the exported products from this country to Japan, India and Singapore and it imports machinery and transport equipment and chemicals from Japan, US, UK and Italy.