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Houston Information
Houston is also identified as the Bayou City, is situated close the Gulf of Mexico on the seaside grassland of Galveston Bay in eastern Texas. It was established in August of 1836 by brothers Augustus and John Allen near to the banks of Buffalo Bayou. In population wide the city is the largest city in the Southern and Southwestern United States, and the fourth largest in the nation. Currently the city has a population of over 4.3 million inside its city and Harris county metropolitan boundaries. The city is the one the few cities with perpetual ballet, opera, symphony and theater corporations and it has more than 30 museums, 500 parks, 100+ golf courses, 60 movie theaters and over 8,000 restaurants. It is the seat of Harris County and the financial center of Houston Sugar Land-Baytown, which is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. of approximately 6 million people. The city is home to numerous cultural associations and exhibits, which attract more than 7 million tourists a year to the Museum District and Houston has a populace from several ethnic and religious backgrounds and a large and developing universal community. The State of Texas' famous and largest entertainment complex, the Bayou Place, is situated in Houston. Bayou Place is only one part of a renewal and expansion project for a city that stretched despair levels just a period ago. In the middle of 20th century Houston was developed the home of the Texas Medical Center. It is the major deliberation of healthcare and research institutions.
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Houston Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The city of Houston is one of the largest cities in Texas, United States of America. It is the fourth largest city in nation. The Houston's nicknames are "H-Town", "Clutch City", and "Magnolia City". The city is also known as "Bayou City." The city is home to virtually two million residents, with an amazing amount of arts and culture, with some charming museums. Houston has more than 90 languages are spoken. Houston has very few places that present the mix of culture, sport, education, and fun that Houston offers. Houston conducted the several events detained in the city celebrating cultures of Houstonians. The city celebrates the several festivals around the year including the Greek Festivals, Japan Festival, Asian Pacific Heritage Festival, Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Festival, Fiestas Patrias, Houston Turkish Festival, Festa Italiana, and the Texas Championship Pow Wow and Ethnic Festivals Houston hosts a huge parks system. Annual Gay Pride Parade is a major event in Houston. It is held at the end of June. The city people of a diversity of cuisines are obvious from Houston's several food celebrations. Some events observe the extraordinary, and others are held just for fun. Houston has many tourism attractions. Some of the attractions are Hermann Park encompasses the Houston Zoo, a children's zoo, a planetarium, a natural science museum, a garden center, and an IMAX Theater. Memorial Park offers aromatic plant gardens, an arboretum, and a botanical hall. Sam Houston Park, with six historical buildings, is situated downtown, and Tranquility Park is located in the Houston Civic Center. The Harris County Park system includes the Mercer Arboretum and Bay Area Park, and Armand Bayou Park and Nature Center, contribution a wilderness preserve and farm. Houston has professional baseball team, the National League Astros, and their professional NFL football team, the Oilers, both plays in the Astrodome. And also it has Women's Professional Football League, play their home games at Rice Stadium. Houston's collegiate teams are also field most major sports. Professional golf plays to viewers of the Houston Open, and professional tennis can be seen at the Virginia Slims Tennis Tournament.

Houston Demographics
Houston total population - 2,257,926
Houston Male population - 1,127,501
Houston Female population - 1,130,425
Houston Hispanic population - 959,683
Houston Black population - 502,199
Houston White population - 639,304
Houston Asian population - 131,787
Houston Two or more races population - 17,635
Houston Other race population - 5,016
Houston American population - 3,478
Houston Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone population - 1,816

Houston Education
Houston is the largest school district and the city has Houston Independent School District in the nation. It is the seventh-largest school district in the United States. The city has a lot of contract schools that are run separately from school districts. The Houston Area Independent Schools offer teaching from a diversity of unusual religious as well as secular viewpoints. There are about 300 private schools in the city. Schools and collages are conducted the developed programmers. Houston has four district universities. The University of Houston is a nationwide recognized top-tier research university, and is the flagship institution of the University of Houston System. Houston is one of the leading collegiate academic centers in the United States. Houston has more than 30 universities, private, junior, and public colleges. The city's major school is the University of Houston while the oldest is Rice University. The city is home to many private institutions of higher learning.

Houston Symbol
Houston City nicknames - The Real Texas,The Bayou City,The Space City
Houston City Motto - "E Pluribus Sausage Kolache"

Houston Flag

image of Houston flag

Houston History
Houston is one of the city in Texas, is the fourth largest city in United States. In the period of 1820s American settlers began driving into Texas then owned by the lately independent nation of Mexico. It was in Mexico's attention at the time to permit these settlements. On the 1830s the former Americans, calling themselves Texicans, were ready to form their own government and felt abused by dictates from Mexico City. In 1836 disputes emerged as a full-blown war with the Mexican government of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. At the same year the area now encompassed by Houston came foursquare onto the national stage. Houston was overshadowing in significance by the seaport of Galveston. Southeast Texas itself was only a tangential area of the Deep South whose long-dominant urban entrepot was New Orleans. Throughout the Texas revolution, the Allen brothers served as supply agents for the Texan cause, and Harrisburg momentarily detained the Texan government. In 1837 Houston was integrated in US. The whole obliteration of Harrisburg was a sad improvement for many residents, especially the Harris family, but to the Allen brothers it was a new chance. Houston grows as a resolution in spite of the several problems that emerged. Rainfall was heavy, and drainage was poor. Fires and floods ravaged the city, and conflicting epidemics scourged the full of people in Houston. As of the late 1830s to the late 1850s, the railroad became significant both as a means of travel for Houstonians and for consignment of goods. Now the city became in a lot of ways a one-industry town, with both oil and chemical production feeding one another during the petroleum sanitization development. Houston's story became one of variety and new development. The city is also home to a world's largest medical center. In the late 1990s, Houston increased gratitude not only as the capital of the international energy industry, but also as home of the world's largest medical center. Currently the Houston City successfully developed with technology, finance, insurance, real estate, and manufacturing between the industries in which it plays a leadership role.

Houston Tourism
Houston recognized warmly to citizens as the "Bayou City," is located on the southeast Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico in United States. The city is home to many tourist attractions. The citizens celebrate the several festival and annual events in Houston. There are many clubs, professional sports amenities and musical entertainment that has helped carry nightlife back to downtown and there are addition to the rest of the City's attractions, shopping and restaurants to well all budgets. Some of the attractions are Hermann Park encompasses the Houston Zoo, a children's zoo, a planetarium, a natural science museum, a garden center, and an IMAX Theater. Memorial Park offers aromatic plant gardens, an arboretum, and a botanical hall. Sam Houston Park, with six historical buildings, is situated downtown, and Tranquility Park is located in the Houston Civic Center. The Harris County Park system includes the Mercer Arboretum and Bay Area Park, and Armand Bayou Park and Nature Center, contribution a wilderness preserve and farm.

Houston Transportation
Houston Metro Rail offers suitable available service within the heart of the city between downtown Houston and Reliant Park, as well as the Museum District and Texas Medical Center. The city metro offers lot of types of bus service in Houston. Houston has two airports within 30 miles of Houston, TX and a total of 2 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the city center. It has one of the largest airports in the country. That is the George Bush International Airport. There are lots of compared to 20 distinct airlines that have country broad and also international flights coming initially from and coming to this specific international airport. Houston is the headquarters of Continental Airlines, Bush Intercontinental is Continental's largest center, with more than 750 daily departures. Houston has a general network of freeway cameras connected to a transportation control center to observe and study traffic. The city's transportation services are operated by the Harris County Transit.

Houston Universities
University of Houston,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 26,385 Students
Texas Southern University,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 7,326 Students
University of Houston-Downtown,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 6,102 Students
Rice University,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 5,451 Students
University of Houston-Clear Lake,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 3,228 Students
University of Phoenix-Houston Campus,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 2,987 Students
The University of Texas Health Science Center,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 2,761 Students
Houston Baptist University,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 2,137 Students
University of St Thomas,Houston,Texas, United States of America - 1,572 Students

Houston Libraries
HOUSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY,Houston,Texas, United States of America
HARRIS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY,Houston,Texas, United States of America

Houston Tourist Attractions
The Alley Theatre in Houston
Almeda Mall - Houston, TX
Houston Museum District a Cultural Mecca for All Ages
Bayou Place in Houston
Children's Museum of Houston
Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston
Downtown Aquarium in Houston
George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston
George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston
Greenspoint Mall, Houston, TX
Greenspoint Mall - Houston, TX - Large shopping mall
Hermann Park in Houston
Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston
Hotel Granduca in Houston
Houston Aquarium in Houston, Texas
Houston Arboretum and Nature Center
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston Zoo
Johnson Space Center/Space Center Houston
JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston
The Kingwood Neighborhood in Texas; Planned Community with Wide Open feel
Market Square Historic District in Houston
Memorial Park in Houston
Midtown - Trendy and Pedestrian Friendly in Houston
Minute Maid Park in Houston
Museum of Fine Arts in Houston
Museum of Health and Medical Science in Houston
Reliant Stadium in Houston
Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, TX
River Oaks Neighborhood, Houston, One of the Best Little Places to Live in Texas
St. Regis Hotel in Houston
The Astrodome
The Galleria Shopping Mall in Houston
The Houstonian Hotel
The Uptown District in Houston
The Toyota Center: Basketball, Hockey and Concerts in Houston
William P Hobby Airport - Houston TX - Houston Hobby Flights Airfield

Houston Religions
Houston Catholic Church Population is 36%
Houston Other population is 26%
Houston Southern Baptist Convention population is 28%
United Methodist Church population is 10%

Houston Government
Houston city has a mayor-council form of municipal government in which the mayor and 14 council members. It is home to rule city and all municipal elections in the state of Texas are unbiased. Term restrictions give that no elected city representative may serve in any one situation for more than three consecutive terms. Houston city organizer is selected independently of the mayor and council. Houston is measured to be a politically separated city whose balance of power frequently sways flanked by Republicans and Democrats. Houston's mayor serves as the city's chief administrator, executive officer, and official representative, and is responsible for the common administration of the city and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are obligatory. A city judge and four commissioners execute the principal administrative and legislative functions in each Houston CMSA county they are serve the four year terms.

Houston Economy
Houston's economy is depended upon the financial services. Power has been the major factor in the Houston economy since oil was first revealed in the region in 1901. The city is home to main United States power firms in every section, as well as exploration, production, oil field service and supply, and improvement. Houston is a major international agribusiness center emphasizes the marketing, processing, packaging, and sharing of agricultural merchandise. The city's largest initiatives in the early 2000s were to get better the common quality of life and address the traffic situation. The city's largest sectors are graph showing. The Texas Economic Development Act of 2001 encourages large-scale manufacturing improvement, research and development, and renewable energy by offering an eight-year decrease in property taxes. The city ranked fourth for maximum increase in the local technological novelty over the preceding 15 years, according to Forbes magazine.

Houston Geography
Houston is one of the cities in Texas and Harris County. It is situated close to the Gulf of Mexico on the coastal prairie of Galveston Bay in eastern Texas. Main waterways include the San Jacinto River, part of which is encompassed by the man-made Houston Ship Channel, and an intricate network of roundabout creeks and bayous, the major of which are Buffalo Bayou and Bray's Bayou. The population is 2009690 in 2003 estimation. South Houston is a city in Harris County, in the Houston-Baytown metro area. It is home to numerous cultural institutions and exhibits, which draw more than 7 million visitors a year to the Museum District. The city has humid climate and semitropical in the summertime, with a normal yearly temperature of about 69 degrees. The Houston City was the major city in the nation. User Comments

10/28/2011 SamWrite Comment
Houston is a very interesting city. The people living in the city say that it is one of the most diverse cities in America. With over 9o languages spoken and mixes of many cultures from around the world Houston is still growing in diversity. Houston is the largest city in Texas with a population reaching three million. With a population like this, it is not hard to believe that Houston is the forth-largest city in America. The first American Television station was located in Houston Texas and still operates today. In addition, Houston is so popular that the first word Astronaut Neil Armstrong spoke when he landed on the moon was Houston. Houston attracts many different people from around the world and the total population is composed of 37 percent Hispanic, 49 Caucasian, 29 African American and 5 percent Asian. The world?s largest medical centers with 42 institutions are located in Houston this city is advance and popular.
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